How to use if formula in excel (The Ultimate Guide)

July 26, 2022

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The Excel IF Statement evaluates a specified condition and outputs two values—one for a TRUE outcome and another for a FALSE one. For instance, return a Yes for Bonus if sales total more than $5,000; otherwise, return a No for Bonus. The IF function can also be used to evaluate a single function, and several IF functions can be combined into a single formula. Excel's term for several IF statements is nested IF statements.

The IF formula is frequently used by financial analysts to review and analyse data by analyzing particular conditions. It is possible to evaluate text, values, and even mistakes using this function. It is not confined to just determining whether one thing and another are equal and then returning just one result. Depending on our requirements, we can additionally employ mathematical operators and carry out further calculations. To make many comparisons, we can nest several IF functions together.

IF formula in excel online, 2016 and 2019:

=IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false)

The following arguments are used by the function:

Logical test: The condition that needs to pass scrutiny before being classified as either TRUE or FALSE.Value if true: If the logical test evaluates to TRUE, the value that will be returned.Value if false: The result that will be given if the logical test returns FALSE.We can use the following logical operators to build tests using the IF function:= (equal to)> (greater than)>= (greater than or equal to) (not equal to)

How to use IF formula in excel:Let's look at a few instances to better understand how the Excel IF statement function is used.Example 1:Let's say we want to run a very basic test. We want to see if cell C2's value is greater than or equal to cell D2's value. If the argument is correct, we want to display No it isn't; if it isn't, we want to return some text saying Yes it is.The straightforward example below demonstrates how the Excel IF statement functions in detail.Result when true:

Result when false:

How to use IF formula in excel using example 2:Let's say we want to test a cell and make sure that if it is not blank, some action is executed. Following are the numbers:

We highlighted AGM-related duties in Column A of the worksheet above. The completion date is stated in the remarks. We'll utilize a formula in Column B to determine if the cells in Column C are empty or not. The formula will assign the state open if a cell is empty. However, the formula will assign a state of closed if a cell contains a date. It goes like this:


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