How to use match function in excel

August 3, 2022

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Do not worry if you are thinkinghow to use match function in excel in your worksheets. But first you need to find what is the purpose of this function. Otherwise you will not be able to use it efficiently within your project files. The match function finds out the relative position of an item from within a range and then refers it in the specified cell.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide and will explain how to use match function in excel in your project. There will be two methods to use the function, one will explain via shortcut key and the other is by clicking the option.

Use Match function by shortcut

This is how you can instanly access the Match function:

1. Open a file you wish to use the function. This is a test file which contain names of members with height and weight data.

2. Now click on the cell you want to use match function.

3. Now type “equals” sign and write “match”. Once you do it, you will notice the match function appears in the dialogue box.

4. Click Tab button on keyboard. The match fucntion is now active and requires some input. The Lookup_value is the exact value to match, the Lookup_array is the range of cells in which you wish to match the item, and the Match_type is matching critera which is optional. In this example, we will only discuss about the exact match.

5. Let’s say we want to match Amanda position within the table. In this case, we will place the moving cursor at the Amanda and click it. This will highlight specify Amanda cell number as shown.

6. Now put comma “,” to separate the function values.Place your cursor at the corner of “Sally” cell and drag vertically to select all names from F9 to F14 which is “Ned”.

7. Again insert comma “,” and now enter column number as 0 because we want to match the exact position of Amanda in the range.

8. Now press Enter key on your keyboard. You will notice the Amanda’s position is specified as 4 because Excel checked the position within specified column range and found Amanda is present in the 4th position within column range F9 to F14.

Use Match function by clicking the option

If you want to specifically find and click the Match option. Here your guide to do so:

1. Open a file you wish to use index function. This is a test file which contain names of members with height and weight data.

2. Now click on the cell you want to use Index function.

3. Head to Formula tab and click it. This opens various options in the ribbon.

4. Now click on Lookup and Reference. This opens a drop-down menu.

5. Now click on Match option

6. Once clicked, you will notice a dialogue box appears with many fields.

7. Now the procedure of entering the data is same as mentioned previously.Click on the button right next to Lookup_value.

8. Now select the name Amanda. Notice the selected cell appears on the dialogue box

9. Hit Enter key and the cell is selected.

10. Now in the Lookup_array, select from cells F9 to F14.

11. Hit Enter and the field is field is selected.

12. In the Match_type, type 0.

13. Press Enter key. Again the same answer appears as 4 which is exactly Amanda’s position within the cell’s range.

So this is how to use match function in excel within worksheets. It will mention the relative position within the specified cell range.

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