How to use PDF batch printing function?

August 1, 2022

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We often need to print multiple copies of PDF files in the workplace. WPS Office has a good tool that can support one-click batch printing. In a few easy steps, you can print hundreds of PDF files.

First, open the WPS Office, and click the Apps > Batch PDF Printing so that we can enter the batch printing setup page. 

To import the needed PDF files, you can click to add them from the local computer or select the files and drag and drop them into the dialog box directly.

Click on the symbols above to sort the files according to their names, or the up and down arrow symbols in front of the files allow us to adjust the order of printing.

At the Page Range, you can control the printing range; At the Copies, the number of copies printed can be adjusted; By clicking the Preview, you can preview the printing effect.

Next, we click the Batch Print Settings to enter the print parameters dialog box.Check the Fit for printing margins in Size by default so that the content will automatically adapt to the page size.

If you need to print multiple pages of content on one page, click the Multiple, where you can set the number of pages printed per page and their order. If you need to add border lines to each page of content, just check the Print Page Border.

At the Page Setup, you can set the page size, margins, and orientation. For example,to set A4 size, the margins should be set to 10.00mm all around equal.

Next, we look at the Content Settings that has two options to set.

Check the Auto Center  to keep your print centered.

What does the Hide page background do? Sometimes we will set the background to the document we do not want to print out together. Check this button so that you can temporarily hide the background.

Moreover, you can set up printing of files only or printing of files and comments together in the Other.Just click the OK when you have set it all up.

Of course, for some files, you can set their printing parameters separately for some files. Click the corresponding gear icon, adjust the parameters, and finally click on the Apply to Current.

Finally, click the Print, and we're done batch printing! Isn't it convenient?