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How to use the Latest Spell Check

February 13, 2023

When editing documents, it's hard for us to find varieties of mistakes in details, such as the spelling errors caused by quick typing, the extra spaces or missing hyphens due to lack of standard writing.

In workplace, your boss won't allow you to make these little mistakes! Today we're going to introduce the feature that 80% of copywriters can't live without Spell Check>,and it's worth mentioning that WPS Office has recently upgraded the spell check function with a cleaner interface and a smoother experience!

How to use the spell check?

After finishing writing your document, you can turn on Spell Check to check everything thoroughly, or you can turn on this feature before you write so that when you make a mistake, the system will correct it automatically (a red line will appear under the wrong word).

Procedure: Review>Spell Check, shortcut is F7.

Compared with the old version of Spell Check, we have upgraded the interface of the function, the error correction tips look more comfortable, and the interface is more professional, fresh, and simple.

When we click on the wrong word, the system will intelligently guess the correct word we need according to the thesaurus.Unlike the old version, now you can replace words directly in the shortcut menu that appears on the right side. t is more convenient to correct mistakes.

In addition, WPS has upgraded the right pane interface and interaction logic.In the old version, the right pane would only show the wrong word you selected. But after this upgdate, it will show the wrong words and the corresponding alternative words that appear in the whole document. Only when we fix the error, the corresponding prompt will disappear to make sure we don't miss it.

Moreover, when we click on the word marked with errors in right pane, the document will automatically jump to the current page. Combined with the contaxt, we can better correct the errors.

How do I use the Add Dictionary feature?

When using the spell checker, you may enter some special words, such as some tone words, and the spell checker will mark them as wrong, which is not what we want.

How to eliminate these annoying lines? Some people select Dismiss to ignore the prompt, but it does not solve problem fundamentally. They (the red lines) just disappear temporarily, and the next time you type the word, the system will show the error prompt again.

The correct way is to click the word and select Add Dictionary in the shortcut menu,  just as adding it to the whitelist of the error correction system.
If you want to adjust your whitelist, click Spell Check>Options>Custom distionary, delete the unwanted ones and you're done!

How do I set the language for error correction?

We know that not everyone is an English speaker, so WPS Writer provides more than 40 languages to meet different users' needs.

Click Review>Spell Check>Set Spell Check Language, and select the desired language in the pop-up menu. You can set up to 3 different languages at the same time, and we support an offline error correction function, so you can use this it normally even when your computer is not connected to the Internet.

OK, I believe you have learned a lot about Spell Check right now. Of course, we also provide customized settings which you can set according to your mind.

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