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How to Turn on Spell Check in Word

December 9, 2021

You have to ensure that you don’t make any spelling mistakes when writing a document in Microsoft Word. The built-in spelling check feature of Microsoft Word can identify and fix mistakes, but if you don’t know how to use that feature, you are at the right place.

Reading this blog will help you spell check in Word so you can save your time and effort and boost your productivity – let’s dive in!

How to Check Spelling in Microsoft Word (Auto Way)

You can avoid reading the document over and over again in hopes of finding mistakes if you use the built-in spell check in word feature.

Where is the Auto Spell Check Function in Word?

Spell check in word has an amazing database of grammatically correct words and phrases. This feature can help you identify and fix most of the spelling mistakes you make as a writer. The spell check feature underlines mistakes with Blue and Red colors to make the proofreading job easy.

Here is how you can enable this feature in Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Open your document in Microsoft Word that you want to proofread using the spell check feature.

open document screen in word

Step 2: Navigate to the “File” option in the top left corner of the screen.

file button inside ms word

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Options” button on the left side.

options in word office

Step 4: Click on the “Proofing” button.

proofing screen in ms word

Step 5: Once the new pop-up screen of “Proofing” shows, click on the “Check spelling as you type” feature to use the spell check feature as you type in Microsoft Word.

check spelling feature of word

How to Check Spelling as You Type

Once you enable the spell check feature, you will be able to see the mistakes you make when writing and fix them easily. Microsoft Word will use Red or Blue colors to underline the mistakes. Here is how to fix the mistakes you make as you type:

Step 1: Open your desired document in Microsoft Word and check the underlined words.

document view in ms word

Step 2: Right-click on any word underlined with Red color and check the box that opens up.

suggestion feature in word

Step 3: You will now be able to accept or reject the spelling suggestion made by Microsoft Word.

suggestion box of word


Here are the amazing benefits of using spell check feature in Microsoft Word:

  • It can help you check the grammatical mistakes in your document automatically.

  • Using this feature of spell check can save a lot of your valuable time and effort.

  • This powerful spell check feature can identify all your mistakes as you type.

How to Spell Check in Microsoft Word (Manual Way)

The automatic feature of finding mistakes can be enabled by the steps mentioned above. But if you want to review the mistakes manually so you don’t repeat them in the future, it’s better to use the Spelling & Grammar feature.

How to Run a Spelling Check in Word

There is a manual way of fixing the mistakes you make in content by using the Spelling & Grammar feature. Here is how to access this feature:

Step 1: Inside Microsoft Word, click on “Review” to find the “Spelling & Grammar” feature.

spelling grammar ms word

Step 2: Navigate to any grammatical mistakes present in the content you’ve written.

spelling grammar feature box

Step 3: Check the suggestions made by the tool so you can make your decision.


  • It is an easy-to-use grammar check option in Microsoft Word.

  • Using this option gives you more options for fixing mistakes.


  • Using this in-depth grammar check feature takes a lot of time.

  • This feature is not the most convenient for fixing mistakes.

Best Free Alternative - WPS Office

If you are not satisfied with the performance of Spell Check in Microsoft Word or find it complex to use, then you should consider using WPS Office. This software can help you find and fix grammatical mistakes in no time.

The good thing about WPS Office is that it is a lightweight app that contains all the features for creating documents.

Easy Ways To Spell Check On In WPS Office

Here are four simple ways to find any grammatical mistakes in your document using WPS Office without wasting your time and effort.

· Option 1:

1. Click the Menu button in the upper left corner, and click the Options to pop up a dialog.

2. In the dialog, click Spell Check and check the Check spelling as you type.

3. Finally, click the OK button. Then we can turn on spell check.

· Option 2:

1. Click the Review tab and click the Spell Check drop-down button, then the Check Spelling pane will pop up on the right side. Its shortcut is F7.

2. When we click the wrong word with the cursor, theSuggestions will generate the correct word based on spelling intelligence. And we can choose the correct word to revise the text.

· Option 3:

1. Click the Spell Check button at the bottom to click to turn on/off Spell Check.

2. When “x” becomes “√”, it means that we have turned on the Spell Check function.

· Option 4:

1. Click the small triangle button on the right side of Spell Check, then a shortcut menu will pop up.

2. Click the Check Spelling As You Type option.

To be office word advanced, you could learn how to use WPS Office Writer online in WPS Academy.


These features of WPS Office set it apart from Microsoft Word:

  • Using spell check in WPS Office is quick compared to Microsoft Word.

  • You can save time when fixing mistakes if you work in the WPS Office.

  • The best thing about WPS Office is that you can start using it for free.

  • WPS Writer provides all the suggestions you need to avoid mistakes.

  • The spell check in word document feature of WPS Office has multi-language support.


Here are the answers to some of your most-asked questions about spell check in word feature:

Q. Why is spell check not working in my document?

A. Follow these steps to fix the spell check disabled problem in Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Go to Word Options as guided above and choose Language to find the right language.

language option in ms word

Step 2: In Word Options, go to Proofing and select the “Choose spelling as you type” feature.

check spelling option in ms word

Step 3: Open the Word Options box and check the “Exceptions for” button.

exceptions option in ms word

Q. How do you fix all spelling in Word?

A. Here is the quickest way of fixing all spelling mistakes in the latest version of Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Navigate to the Editor tab in Word app.

editor in ms word

Step 2: Use the arrows to find and resolve mistakes easily.

all mistakes in ms word document

Q. How to check grammar problems?

A. You can use the Grammarly tool to fix grammar mistakes in no time. The free version of this app can be enough for you if you don’t create documents every now and then.

grammarly website

Q. How to turn off spell check?

A. Here is how you can disable the built-in spell check feature of Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Go to File and then Options to find the Proofing option. Now click on the Check spelling as you type and disable it.

spell check box in ms word

Write Mistake-Free Documents with WPS Office

Using spell check in word feature will now become easy for you if you follow all the tips mentioned above. However, if you want to use a tool for writing documents that has superior spell check power and provides more features, you should use WPS Office.

This office suite can be used on all leading operating systems for creating documents, spreadsheets, slides, and PDFs in one place. The best thing about WPS Office is that it has a more intuitive interface for fixing mistakes.

Whether you are an individual creating documents for personal needs or a professional, you can rely on the spell check in word feature of WPS Office for all your needs. Download WPS Office to join millions of people who use this software already!

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