How to turn on spell check in word

December 9, 2021

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· Option 1:

1. Click the Menu button in the upper left corner, and click the Options to pop up a dialog.

2. In the dialog, click Spell Check and check the Check spelling as you type.

3. Finally, click the OK button. Then we can turn on spell check.

· Option 2:

1. Click the Review tab and click the Spell Check drop-down button, then the Check Spelling pane will pop up on the right side. Its shortcut is F7.

2. When we click the wrong word with the cursor, theSuggestions will generate the correct word based on spelling intelligence. And we can choose the correct word to revise the text.

· Option 3:

1. Click the Spell Check button at the bottom to click to turn on/off Spell Check.

2. When “x” becomes “√”, it means that we have turned on the Spell Check function.

· Option 4:

1. Click the small triangle button on the right side of Spell Check, then a shortcut menu will pop up.

2. Click the Check Spelling As You Type option.

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