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How to Turn Off Image Compression in WPS Office

December 26, 2023

While image compression enhances document and presentation value through visuals, maintaining optimal quality is crucial. If you're overseeing images and wish to preserve their quality, you can lock the compression. In this article, discover the process of how to  turn off image compression in WPS Office, ensuring your visuals retain their clarity and depth as they circulate.

How to Turn Off Image Compression in WPS Office


How to Turn Off Image Compression in WPS Office

To ensure the quality of saved images in your documents, spreadsheets, or presentations is not compromised during sharing, it's crucial to know how to turn off image compression.

In WPS Writer

Step 1: Open your document in WPS Writer where you want to avoid image compression.

Step 2: Navigate to the Menu at the top left corner of WPS Writer.

Step 3: In the Menu, you will find "Options" at the bottom; click on it.

WPS Writer Option


Step 4: The Options window, similar to Microsoft Word, will appear. Go to the "General and Save" tabs.

Step 5: In the "General and Save" tab, uncheck the box labeled "Do not compress images in files" and then click "OK".

WPS Writer turn off image compression


Step 6: Save your document after adding photos to maintain their quality.

In WPS Spreadsheet

If you have a spreadsheet with important images that you want to preserve without compromising quality, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your spreadsheet file in WPS Spreadsheet.

Step 2: Select any image in your spreadsheet by clicking on it.

Step 3: Access the "Picture tools" tab that appears upon image selection.

Step 4: In the ribbon, locate and click on the "Compress Pictures" option.

WPS Spreadsheet Compress Pictures


Step 5: In the "Compress Pictures" window, go to the Options section, ensure the "Compress Pictures" checkbox is unchecked, and click "OK".

WPS Spreadsheet Compress Pictures checkbox


This ensures the image size is reduced without compromising its quality.

In WPS Presentation

Presentations often include high-quality images, increasing the overall size of the presentation. WPS Presentation enables users to reduce image size without compromising quality, here's how:

Step 1: Launch your presentation in WPS Presentation.

Step 2: Click on any image within your presentation.

Step 3: Open the "Picture tools" tab that becomes visible upon image selection.

Step 4: On the ribbon, find and select the "Compress Pictures" option.

WPS Presentation Compress Pictures


Step 5: In the "Compress Pictures" window, navigate to the Options section, verify that the "Compress Pictures" checkbox remains unchecked, and then click "OK".

WPS Presentation Compress Pictures


Other Functions about Image Compression in WPS Office

Image compression is valuable in certain contexts, but careful consideration is essential. For archival or legal documents, a smaller size may be beneficial, yet poor image quality can be detrimental. Similarly, financial charts or graphs demand high quality for audience comprehension.

On the other hand, image compression proves useful when uploading content to websites, enhancing performance by reducing loading times. It is also beneficial for email sharing, where large files can pose challenges. WPS Office addresses these concerns by providing users with various options accessible through the "Picture tools" tab. These include:

  • Preserving image quality by disabling compression without compromising other properties.

  • Seamless online collaboration for editing Word, Excel, and PPT documents.

  • Support for uploading images in JPEG format, ensuring quality maintenance.

  • Utilizing "Compress Pictures" during image cropping to reduce file size while minimizing the impact on image quality.

WPS Office delete cropped areas of pictures


  • The option to "Reset Picture" allows users to revert images to their original state if unsatisfied with compression or alterations.

WPS Office Rest picture


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How to download WPS Office on your PC

Step 1: Open your browser and sail the digital seas to the WPS Office website. Click the shining "Download" button, your portal to document mastery.

WPS Office Download


Step 2: Scan your browser's downloads for the "wps_wid.exe" file. It'll be waiting in a corner, top right or bottom left, like a digital treasure.

WPS Office installation file


Step 3: A friendly pop-up might ask you to "Keep" the downloaded file. Click "Keep" and let the WPS Office fun begin.

WPS Office trusted products


Step 4: Terms tamed? Unleash the WPS beast! Click that "Install Now" button like a rocket launch, then grab your popcorn and watch the productivity magic unfold.

WPS Office Install now


Step 5: Unleash your productivity superpowers with WPS Office! Ditch the limitations and work from anywhere, anytime.

WPS Office interface


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Q1.How to Disable Auto Compression in PowerPoint?

Auto-compression in PowerPoint can sometimes affect the quality of your images. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to turn off auto compression in PowerPoint;

Step 1: Launch PowerPoint on your computer.

Step 2: Click on "File" and choose "Options".

Step 3: In the "Options" box, click "Advanced".

Step 4: Look for "Image Size and Quality." Find "Do not compress images in the file" and untick it. It stops auto-compression in PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint disable image compression


Q2. How to adjust the size and position of pictures accurately?

By following the steps below, you can accurately adjust the size and position of pictures in your document:

Step 1: Right-click on the picture you want to adjust.

Step 2: Select "Format Picture" from the menu that emerges.

Step 3: A task pane will pop up on the right side of the screen. Click on "Size & Properties".

Step 4: In the task pane, you can easily fine-tune both the size and position of the picture as needed.

Microsoft PowerPoint Picture Size and Properties


Preserve Documents With WPS Office

When you turn off image compression in WPS Office, it  becomes a strategic move to uphold the integrity and quality of your images, safeguarding the overall document without altering its weight. WPS Office offers alternative methods to reduce document size without compromising image quality, ensuring a seamless experience. Choose WPS Office for effortless document management and download WPS Office now to enjoy a perfect balance between image integrity and document weight.

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