How to use the Spell Check in word?

December 9, 2021

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How to use the Spell Check in word?

1. Open your word document.

Head to the Review tab, then click Spell Check. If the Spell Check finds spelling mistakes, a dialog box will pop up with the first misspelled word. You can choose to ignore it, add it to the dictionary, or change it before the program moves to the next mistake.

2. Sometimes, you may need to add a word to the dictionary if WPS Writer cannot recognize it. When you add the words with a red squiggly line into dictionaries, they will be remembered by the program.

3. Ignore the mistakes are also an option. You can choose to Ignore once or Ignore all.

4. If your text is not in English, don’t worry, you are entitled to change language at Set Language in the drop-down box.