How to use xlookup in excel to find matches

August 1, 2022

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It may be the right time to learn how to use xlookup in Excel by following three interesting methods. You must take the initiative to research the subject and make the most of the information you get. If you learn how to use xlookup in excel, you will have more fluency in your work because you will master an essential tool in calculating with the software.

In this opportunity, you will know how to use xlookup in excel Online to have an exact match so that the #N/A error does not appear or approximate matches. You can learn each method without problems or prioritize the one you find most interesting of the three.

How to use Xlookup in excel to have an exact match?

To find out how to use xlookup in excel Mac, you can start your research by looking for the function to have an exact match. If those are your objectives to meet, you should do the following:

1. Open the Excel document where you could apply the xlookup function as in the following example that shows 3 columns divided into several data. The function will search for the value 53 within column B, which comprises the range B3:B3. Likewise, it will search for a value close to 50 in column E in the range E3:E9.

2. You will only have to use the xlookup function according to the purpose you want to fulfill by taking the range of cells B and E. You must also indicate the cell where you want to see the result, which in this case would be H2. The formula would look like this: =XLOOKUP(H2,B3:B9,E3:E9).

3. Then, you will have to return the value in the same row of cell range E3:E9

4. You could also use the xlookup function with the last name column and look for a number close to 79, which in this case gave an exact match.

How to use xlookup in Excel without getting a #N/A error?

While learning how to use xlookup in excel 2019, you might come across the #N/A error, and this could be caused by:

1. The following example shows that the xlookup function returned the #N/A error as it could not locate the value 28 in the cell range B3:B9.

2. You can only select the fourth argument of the xlookup function to replace the #N/A error message with a more friendly text.

How to use xlookup in Excel to have an approximate match?

The last example you should take to learn how to use xlookup in Excel focuses on having an approximate match. For this, you will have to:

1. The example shows that the xlookup function attempts to look up the value 85 within the cell range B3:B7. But a value equal to 85 cannot display, although approximate matches exist.

2. You have to put the value -1 to tell the xlookup function to set the smallest value to 80.

3. Now, you have to return the value in the same row of the range C3:C7 and thus have the desired result.

So that you can learn how to use xlookup in Excel, it is only fair that you let yourself be guided by the examples explained previously. You will be able to solve many doubts by using this tool and thus take real advantage of its execution. It is good that you search for more information on the subject to have a more detailed view of how to use the xlookup function.

If the content on how to use xlookup in Excel has been useful and you want to enjoy more similar topics, do not forget to search online for information. You will only have to take a good time in the day to do these investigations and thus have the best result. Conveniently, you look for examples on how to apply the xlookup function and not theoretical guides that could confuse you.

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Knowledge is power, and knowing how to use xlookup in Excel will allow you to stand out at work. The only thing you have to do is use the tool as many times as you need it so that you can quickly complete your tasks.