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How to view two documents side by side in WPS Writer

Uploaded time: November 26, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to view two documents side by side in WPS Writer

How to view two documents side by side in WPS Writer

No matter you are a student, teacher, or business professionals, you can create and edit documents efficiently by WPS Writer as text editors. Do you still jump back and forth between two documents when you need to compare the revision between them? At this time, we can place the two documents in the same interface with the help of View Side by Side.

Let's take these two documents as an example, one is the original document, and the other is the revised document.

Open either of these two documents, click the View tab, and then click View Side by Side, and the two documents will appear side by side.

1 (1).gif

Click Synchronous Scrolling, and the two documents can be scrolled synchronously, making them more convenient to compare and view.

1 (2).gif

Click Reset Position to reset the window position so that the two documents will share the screen equally.

1 (3).gif

Did you get it?

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