How to view workbooks side by side

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How to view workbooks side by side

How to view workbooks side by side

Switching back and forth between different workbooks is inconvenient for checking data. Today we will tell you how the View side by side function can help.

For example, suppose we want to check whether the data in March is identical in the Quarterly Sales and Monthly Sales sheets.

Click the View side by side in the View tab. The interface will then be divided into two sections, one on the left and one on the right. The quarterly sales sheet is on the left while the monthly sales sheet is on the right. To check data in different months, we can switch to different sheets in the monthly sales sheet.


If we scroll through one of the sheets, the other sheet will follow . This is because Synchronous Scrolling is activated when we view sheets side by side. You can click this button on the right side of View side by side to cancel it.

Now, you can adjust the scrolling positions in these two sheets.

When the positions of the two sheets change, how can we return to the initial layout? Click the Reset Position button on the right side of View side by side to get the position back.

If we want the normal view mode after checking, click the Maximize button in the upper right corner of the workbook.


This is all about viewing two sheets side by side. Did you get it?

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