How to Wrap Text in Excel (Easy Shortcut)

August 1, 2022

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Spreadsheets are commonly used throughout the world, and this generation finds work to be quite simple thanks to their many functions and programs. Under the guidance of an excel spreadsheet, any type of financial model can be executed. Excel also has a function called text wrap that people can use to wrap text inside of cells. Viewing all of the data in a cell can be useful. This works well if there are several long sentences or pieces of data in one cell. This also helps to improve a look in your excel document because sometimes it hides behind the other cells. It allows proper view in a cell because sometimes big large content hides between the cells and it creates hassle to view properly. This intends that assuming the text is too lengthy to even consider fitting inside its cell, it will consequently conform to show up on various lines inside the cell.

To wrap text in excel we need to follow some instructions below.

1) The First step is to make a database of text in an excel spreadsheet like this

2) The second step is to click on the WRAP TEXT which appears on the bar options of the home.

3) The third is to select the text and click on the wrap text, your text will get wrapped automatically and it can also provide you with a better view of your text.

Congratulations, you successfully with the help of step-by-step instructions find how to do text wrap in Excel without any problem and hassle.

The ability to wrap text makes it simpler to read a cell's full contents. It will fit better and print out more easily.

How to do Manual Line Break in Excel.

Reading the full-text contents of a cell is made simpler with wrap text. Better fit and printing are both possible. To insert a manual line break, execute the following steps.

1) First, we need some database on which we perform this function of manual line break easily.

2) The second step here is to double click on the selected and move your mouse cursor where you like to break a line and then with the help of the keyboard press Alt+ Enter, and your line will break accordingly.

Congratulation, you again find how to do text wrap with manual line breaks function in excel easily by following all these steps.

Wrap Text Keyboard Shortcut.

This is the third step to do wrap text in excel with the help of the wrap text shortcut from the keyboard keys.

This is a quick and very easy format to do wrap text in excel.

Here, in this example, I use the shortcut formula of keyboard keys on the selected text and when I press all the keys together, we again find how to wrap text in excel by another method also.

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