How to wrap text in Excel

August 1, 2022

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Users of the computer application Excel may arrange, display, and analyse data. Excel is widely used at business, at home, and in educational settings. The visibility of your database may be improved by learning how to maximise the visual appearance of your database using text wrapping. This post will explore extra capabilities that might help you improve your data spreadsheets and cover several approaches for learning how to wrap text in Excel.

Wrap text function in Excel: What is it?

This implies that text will automatically adapt to display on many lines within the cell if it is too long to fit within it.

There won't be any changes made to the data in the cell, and no line breaks will be added. The only formatting that will be seen is on several lines.

In the sample above, you can see how cell B2's text spills over to the right and much beyond the cell's width.

You can see that the row height was changed to suit the text after applying wrap text to the cell.

Text wrap from ribbon:

Due to the fact that this is a frequently used action, it may be found under the Ribbon Commands' Home tab.

Wrap up your text.

When applying the wrap text formatting, choose the cell or range of cells that it should go in.Activate the Home tab.In the Alignment section, select the Wrap Text command.Your cells will now have the formatting applied!

As the height of the rows will be changed so that all the text fits inside the cell, it is a good idea to set the width of your cells to the desired size first.

Keyboard Shortcut for Wrap Text:

Wrap text formatting does not have a specific keyboard shortcut, but you may still utilise the Alt hotkeys to do this.

Press Alt + H + W after choosing the cells you wish to add wrap text to.

Undoubtedly a quick and simple approach to use the formatting.

Wrap text in the Format Cells Dialog Box:

The wrap text option is one of several formatting choices available in the format cells dialogue box that you may use to format a cell in your spreadsheet.

You may access this menu by selecting Format Cells from the context menu when you right-click on a cell or by pressing the Ctrl + 1 keyboard shortcut.

Click the OK button after selecting the Wrap text option in the Text control section of the Alignment tab in the menu.

When you wish to use wrap text and additional formatting choices simultaneously, this is an excellent alternative.

Add Line Breaks by Hand to Wrap Your Text:

According to the available width of the cell, the wrap text option will automatically structure your text with line breaks.

You may manually insert line break characters into your text data to control where the line breaks occur.

When you wish to create a line break, position the cursor in the text, hold down the Alt key, and then hit Enter.

Your text data will now include a line break character, and the data will spread across numerous lines in the spreadsheet.

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