How to wrap text in Excel with shortcut

August 1, 2022

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Spreadsheet generally is used worldwide and because of their various functions and program, it makes work very easy for this generation of people and every type of financial model can be performed under excel supervision. Wrap text is also a function in excel that individuals use to wrap a text in the cells. It can help you to view all information within a cell. This is suitable if you have long sentences or elements of data in one cell.

This also helps to improve a look in your excel document because sometimes it hides behind the other cells.

To wrap text in excel there are some steps to follow and these are given below.

1) First step is to make some data of text in spreadsheet like this

2) After that our next step to click on WRAP text which shows in the home options.

3) Select the text and click on the wrap text, your text will get wrap and it can also help you better to look on your text.

Congratulations with the help of steps you can easily find how to wrap text in Excel without any difficulty and hassle.

Wrap text also helps to make it easier to read the full-text contents in a cell. · It will better fit and easy to take a printout.

How to do Manual Line Break in Excel.

This is also a function of excel. Line breaks permit you to store more information in one cell, which might be valuable for some Excel projects. An illustration of when you could require different lines of a message in a cell is mailing names, organization subtleties, or individual data.

To insert manual line break, execute the following steps.

1) First, we need some data base on which we perform this function successfully.

2: The second step is to double click in G2 and move your cursor where you want to break a line and then press Alt + Enter, your line will break manually.  

Congratulation, you find how to do manual line breaks in excel easily by following all these steps.

Wrap Text in the Format Cells Dialog Box

This is also a shortcut by which we can easily find out how to wrap text shortcuts. This function is also performed in excel and this method requires some steps which are as follows.

1) The first step is to make data in a spreadsheet as above like this.

2) After that an option is showing in the upper bar of excel format, when you click on it a dialog box will appear then click on cells.

3) When you click on cells a dialog box will open and many options are showing, click on the top ALIGNMENT and then in the text control option you find wrap text, mark on it, and then click ok your text will get a wrap. This is also a wrap text shortcut.

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