How to write 1500 words in pages by using single spaced

July 21, 2022

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1500 words in pages?  A short but handy guide for an article, assignment, or blog post written in 1500 words, and there are a lot of factors that are involved. One of the key factors is the use of space single takes fewer pages or using double-space takes more. Sometimes we are assigned a writing work or assignment and we're confused about how many pages per word are used. That is the point where you need more awareness to complete the given words on pages with the right implementation of all the factors. Here are the few simple steps that you need to follow for writing 1500 words in pages.

How to write 1500 words in pages by using a single space

Single space is used for completing the average word count. Here's a detail of the number of pages in a word for completing 1500 words.

1 Single space for 1500 words takes 3 pages to complete the word count.

2 Make sure your font is set to 1Pt.

3 Choose the typeface of times new roman or Arial for the best experience.

4 Use a 1-inch margin in your document.

How to write 1500 words in pages using double space

Double-space is used for improving the readability or presenting your content in magazines or news articles. In short use of double space is become part of the requirements in some cases and they need to be aware of how many pages it takes to write 1500 words.

1 Double space takes 6 pages to write 1500 words.

2 Set your font size to 1 Pt and margin to 1 inch.

3 Use the typeface of Times new roman or Arial for best performance.

4 Create an outline to complete the task.

5 set the timer to write 1500 words in pages using double space and track your time.

How many paragraphs and sentences were used in writing 1500 words

These are some little but basic details that are considered in the level of providing the exact information to the teacher or boss about your word count.

1 1500 words are based on 9000 characters.

2 It takes 12 to 15 paragraphs using single space in case of double space 15 to 20.

3 Each paragraph contains 5 sentences.

4 Every sentence contains 15 to 20 characters for use.

All these short details are needed to know for adding in the reference or presenting the doc about your written work.

1500 words in pages and time required to write

1500 words in pages are required to write takes more time with gathering research. Follow these steps to count

1 1500 words in pages take 1.5 hours for a person whose typing speed is around 40+.

2 Set your timer to track the time that you're using and try to improve.

3 Create outline intro, body, and conclusion.

4 Divide word count of 1500 into 100 words intro, 1300 words for the body, and 100 words conclusion.

That's how you can complete the 1500 words pages and meet your short deadlines. All the details are based on a clear understanding and practical knowledge that everyone can use to make their craft better. Follow all the instructions as it is whenever you faced any issue.

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