How to Write a Resume Title: Resume Title Examples for Any Job

August 9, 2022

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Having an effective resume title can help you stand out. It is often forgotten how important resume titles are, but a strong, catchy title can set you apart from your competition. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to write a resume title and will show you several examples of resume titles for any job.


When space in your application document is limited, and every word counts, does it make sense to include a title on your resume? Would it be appropriate to give up a valuable work responsibility to make room for this seemingly repetitive phrase? Obviously, yes. A resume title is your chance to make an impression with a few memorable words. One line of type is worth more than the cost of real estate when you know how to write a compelling resume title.


It seems simple enough, no? Job hunters must write an attractive resume title, which can occasionally be challenging. Your key to the interview you want may be in your resume title. Examples of resume titles are provided below, along with some simple writing suggestions to help you in writing a resume title for any job.

What is Resume Title?

The very first question that comes to mind is, what is a resume title? You may think of a resume title as a synopsis of your resume; it is a single message that summarizes your pertinent accomplishments and professional skills and is situated underneath your name and contact information. It shouldn't be more than a line long and shouldn't be a long sentence.


A strong resume title grabs the attention of hiring professionals who are likely scanning several resumes during the job search. Additionally, if you use certain words and phrases, it might help you stand out from the crowd and defeat the resume bots.

How a Resume Title is going to Benefit You?

Employers may or may not use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to scan candidate resumes and sort them more rapidly based on the size of the organization you are applying to. Your resume title is one of the first elements the ATS will read; therefore, it's critical to include pertinent details and keywords to raise your resume's success metrics.


When a human sees your resume and decides to move forward with the hiring process, the resume title can be helpful. Recruitment agencies will first glance at your One-liner whether you are utilizing a printed, PDF, or an online resume.


The resume title is crucial for making your resume stand out in hiring procedures where the initial screening is performed manually. Irrespective of the way that how the hiring process is structured, adding a title to your resume will increase the likelihood that it will be discovered.

What should be an Ideal Length of a Resume Title?

A title is far shorter than a career overview, even though both promote your worth as a candidate. It can be up to two lines long, but preferably it should only be one. If it fills up the third line, you might want to think about turning it into a career description and changing your title to only your work title or do away with it altogether.


You only have a little space. Leave out clichés that are usually merely adjectives used to describe you. Use strong adjectives and active verbs in your resume title instead.   Action verbs like evolved, assisted, and inspired naturally help you create sentences that transmit information.


A resume's title should ideally be no more than one line long. Even though there is no set pattern for this element, most titles will have comparable structures as a result of the constrained word count and available space. They begin with a job title or summary, followed by a career-high point, area of specialization, or noteworthy accomplishment. Years of industry experience or a phrase like high experiences, which relates to your duration of service, may also be included in resume titles.

How to Write a Catchy Resume Title?

You're not drafting one title but several because every organization is unique, and every job will have a different set of priorities stated as necessary qualifications. Each one should highlight the objectives your prospective employer is looking for.


You should emphasize your best accomplishment that is relevant to the position you are applying for, just like you would when creating a cover letter or Resume. It's fantastic that you created a new inventory management system, but if you're looking for work in information technology, that's not what you want to emphasize. Instead, pay attention to the software that was used to develop that system.


As you create the ideal one-liner title for your resume, keep the following points in mind:


1. Use Precise Language and Phrasing

Firstly, personalization is crucial, just as it is throughout the rest of a resume (or cover letter). You have a greater chance of being one of the approximately 25% of applicants who get past the ATS screening by using keywords related to the position in your title.


As was already discussed, your resume titles are a fantastic place to incorporate particular keywords related to the job advertisement. This not only makes you stand out but also raises the ranking of your Resume in applicant-tracking systems used by businesses.


Examine the job description to find the finest keywords to use in a strong resume title. What nouns and adjectives best characterize the excellent choice? Are particular credentials or experiences necessary? If so, you might want to put those in the title of your resume.


And when you do get in someone's hands, it demonstrates that you took the time to comprehend what they are searching for and how you might lessen the load the business is under while the position is vacant. Additionally, it gives hiring managers a simple opportunity to learn what they believe to be their best strength.

2. Make Sure it is Customized for Each Job Application

When applying for various professions, it's crucial to examine your resume title because every job is unique carefully. Look over each job description and take into account the necessary knowledge, qualifications, experience, and soft skills. Include those in your resume title, if appropriate.


Make a pitch to the employer about why you are the ideal choice for the job in your resume's title. Consider them as the client you're attempting to convert. Make sure your attention is on what you can offer them.


That emphasizes you and your professional objectives. Instead, emphasize only how the business will benefit from your expertise. Don't mention the job duration and career objectives in your resume, as talking about duration and career objectives in your interview is appropriate.

3. Avoid Using Too Many Adjectives

Adjectives can make your resume title speak out, but stay away from overused phrases like hardworking, detail-oriented, original, and artistic. Use descriptive words that draw attention instead, such as instrumental, passionate, bold, inventive, intensive, or attentive. Search strong resume adjectives on Google if you need some ideas.



4. It's Better to Show Than to Tell

Use honors, stats, or certificates to demonstrate your effectiveness as a sales representative rather than utilizing your resume title to inform the reader.


Fabrication and distortions have no place on a Resume. Not in the title, in particular. The accompanying work experience that the employer will be seeking won't be found until they scroll down your resume. Even if you lie in the experience area, you will eventually need to provide evidence to support that assertion.


Here are a few examples:

  • The friendly salesperson who constantly surpasses objective goals by 40%.

  • An experienced Facebook ad author with typical click-through rates of 5%


It can be more effective to just state your years of experience when demonstrating the value you can provide to a position.

5. Put Your Best Foot Forward With Your Catchy Resume Title

Last but not least, you must ensure that your resume title is both powerful and noticeable. Use the layout of your resume to draw attention to your title. Before scrolling down to the resume summary, the hiring manager will see this, but it shouldn't be as large as your name at the top.

Resume Title Examples for Any Job


Now that you know how to write a resume title. The following are a few resume title examples for any job.

1. Examples Of Resume Title for Customer service

  • A Bilingual Customer care agent who has a high rate of customer satisfaction

  • A Customer Care Agent who is Passionate and Specializes in Retail

2. Examples Of Resume Title for Accounting

  • Skilled CPA with over 10 years of business tax expertise

  • A vigilant controller who has been significantly minimizing errors for more than 6 years

3. Examples Of Resume Title for Engineering

  • 8 years of experience with waste-water treatment as a dedicated environmental engineer

  • Civil engineer with an emphasis on electrical power lines

4. Examples of Resume Title for Marketing

  • Seasoned media buyer overseeing $4 million in annual advertising expenditure for the past 5 years

  • Witty copywriter with 5+years of experience in dealing with 60+ restaurants in markets

  • Dedicated marketing associate with 4 years of experience focusing on digital campaigns

  • Professional content writer with a track record of working with B2B clients for more than 6 years

  • High-profile marketing consultant with over 8 years of experience

  • Creative director in charge of $6 million+ worth of food product line's entire makeover

5. Examples of Resume Title for Project manager

  • Managing a website with 5 million monthly views as an IT project manager for more than 6 years

  • Seasoned senior project manager with 5 years of experience in project planning

6. Examples of Resume Title for Sales 

  • The charming salesperson who regularly surpasses objectives

  • Senior sales professional with experience in the home and auto insurance industries and annual revenue of $2.8 million

  • A pleasant salesperson who has worked 3 years at the hardware shop selling power goods

  • Sales manager whose group surpassed consulting sales targets by 15% Account executive with 3 years of continuous service and 6 or more years of customer satisfaction statistics.

7. Examples of Resume Title for Student

  • A journalism student who is passionate about telling stories.

  • Early childhood education major with honors and practical teaching experience

8. Examples of Resume Title for Technology

  • IT manager who is creative and has a track record of meeting deadlines

  • A Trustworthy expert in quality assurance with more than 5 years of experience

9. Examples of Resume Title for Accounting and Finance

  • Professional market forecaster and mid-career finance analyst for the auto industry

  • A financial advisor with over 12 years of experience helping clients increase their savings

  • An auditor's assistant with knowledge of QuickBooks and record-keeping requirements. 

  • A loan officer who focuses on luring clients from small businesses.

10. Examples Of Resume Title for Business and Management

  • A project manager who completed 14 projects this year on time and within budget

  • Strategic business manager with a strong focus on growing and retaining clientele

  • Business analyst with knowledge of the fashion and cosmetics industries

  • Recently graduated MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship

11. Examples of Resume Title for Hospitality and Catering

  • Delightfully inventive chef with over 7 years of experience in a restaurant in California

  • The restaurant manager concentrated on reducing waste and keeping employees.

  • Burgers made by an easygoing line cook are consistently well-seasoned.

12. Examples of Resume Title for Maintenance and Repair

  • A carpenter or craftsperson who creates and constructs unique furniture

  • 8 years of experience as a master electrician rewiring homes

  • 8 years of modern building experience as a plumber

  • Industrial mechanic with over 13 years of expertise with heavy equipment

13. Examples of Resume Title for Medical

  • Nursing professional with 9 years of experience in cardiac units.

  • pharmacist with a license and a 10-year track record of flawless lab testing

  • Multi-specialty practice's calming dental assistant is renowned for reducing patient anxiety

  • A physical therapist with experience treating severe spinal injuries


A strong resume title might make you stand out. It's easy to overlook the significance of resume titles, but a compelling one can help you stand out from the crowd. We hope the above-mentioned resume title examples for any job have sparked scores of resume title ideas in your mind. 

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