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Hyperlink in WPS Office: The alternative to Zoom in PowerPoint

January 21, 2022

Welcome to WPS Offical Academy, and this free tutorial will help you learn about the Hyperlink function in WPS Presentation, which is compatible with the Zoom function in PowerPoint.

Steps to insert hyperlinks(alternative to Zoom) in slides in WPS Presentation

Generally, the slide presentation follows the linear format, and sometimes we need to jump to the earlier or later slides in order to make our presentations more interactive and logical. To link the current slide to other local slides, you can follow the steps:

1. Click the object you want to link, for example, an oval here, and navigate to the Insert tab. Click the Hyperlink drop-down button and select LocalFile.

2. In the pop-up Hyperlink dialog, under Place in this Document, you can select the local slide you'd like to jump to (for example, the slide 3 here). And click OK.

3. Likewise, you can directly link to the First Slide, Last Slide, etc, and create more than one hyperlink in this slide so that the structure of your presentation will be more clear and you can easily present following the logical sequence.

Let's preview the result.

lWhat are Zoom in PowerPoint and Hyperlink in WPS Office?

The Zoom function in PowerPoint is used to create a menu slide to navigate the target slide quickly; it can zoom out the pages of the slides you want to jump to and summarize these pages in one slide as an index.

In WPS Presentation, you can use the alternative function namely Hyperlink. The Hyperlink function can also link the desired objects to the target slides as needed to assist the users in demonstrating powerful ideas in a logical form.

To explore more about Hyperlink in WPS Presentaion

You can learn about the multiple ways to use hyperlinks in WPS Office in WPS Academy:

Multiple ways to use hyperlinks in WPS Presentation | WPS Academy Free Office Courses

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