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Insert watermark in Word doc online

May 18, 2022

Microsoft Office has become the weapon of the most dedicated workers, and even though the program is simple, it also has great potential. With a word, you will be able to create a professional document using the font you like the most, and when you have finished it, you will add a watermark. However, you will need to know how to insert a watermark to complete this process.

The watermarks in the document will allow you to avoid plagiarism, copyright, or simply promoting the company. These personal signatures will become that special touch your paper needs to look impeccable. For you to insert watermark in Word, you will have to adapt to the following methods:

How to insert watermark in word document?

The first method that will help you to insert watermark in Word is adapted to a traditional way where you will do the following:

1. Open your document in Word and click on any space on the page.

2. Look for the design tool located in the upper interface. It is between the option of insert and format.

3. You have to select Watermark in the page background option.

4. You can choose between the confidential watermark, do not copy, draft, or example.

How to insert a personal watermark in Word?

Another way in which you will learn how to insert watermark in word 2010 or how to insert watermark in word 2013 is personally. To complete this method, you will need to:

1. Enter the Word program.

2. Look for the design tool located at the top of the interface.

3. Select the watermark option on the far right.

4. Click on custom watermark.

5. Press the select picture button to make the watermark.

6. Browse your computer for the image you want to export as a watermark within the Word document.

7. You can scale the image to fit the web page and make necessary adjustments.

8. Finally, press the apply key to display the changes.

If you insert watermark in Word, you could also add a custom signature. Instead of exporting an image as a personal brand, you can search through the tools for the text option. You only have to indicate the phrase you will use as a watermark and adapt the text's transfer and size.

How to edit a watermark in Word?

Now that you insert watermark in Word in two simple methods, it is only fair that you learn how to edit them:

1. Access your Word document where you previously placed the watermark in traditional text, image, or personalized text.

2. Click on the watermark to bring up the unique picture format option.

3. Select the space tool and play with the settings it provides. You can change the watermark's brightness, shadow, and contrast according to your preferences.

4. Do not forget to change the picture size in the document.

You will have the necessary information to insert watermark in Word and thus deliver a flawless file. If the content was helpful, do not hesitate to follow WPS Academy, where more similar guides will be shown. On the other hand, you should look for new tools and unique features.


  1. Can I add multiple watermarks to a single Word document?

Yes, you can add multiple watermarks to a single Word document. Whether you want different watermarks on various pages or multiple watermarks on the same page, Word allows you to insert as many as you need.

  2. Can I save my custom watermarks as templates for future use?

Yes, you can save custom watermarks as templates for future use. This feature enables you to easily apply the same watermark design to other Word documents without recreating it every time. It saves time and ensures consistency across your documents.


Adding and editing watermarks in Word documents is essential for document protection and personalization. With the help of WPS Office, you can easily insert watermarks, whether they are predefined, personal, or image-based. Customize your watermarks to enhance the professionalism and uniqueness of your documents. Follow WPS Academy for more informative guides and download WPS Office to experience a comprehensive office suite offering Word, PowerPoint, and Excel functionalities.

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