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June 15, 2022

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Large print Christmas word search is a fun pastime for adults and kids. With Word, you can create a personalized word search puzzle or word search puzzle with holiday words for added fun.

Christmas is a perfect time to play entertaining games while enjoying the family and the holiday. Here's how to do your own large print Christmas word search.

How to do a large print Christmas word search?

To know how to large print Christmas word search is easy. You can follow these steps:

1. To start your large print Christmas word search 2010, you must place the Word guide so that the people who solve the game know what words to look for. Open Word and choose to create a blank document so you can create a checkbox list of words.

2. The tools menu should look for the Insert option.

3. In the category of Tables, you must open the Table tool and place an arrangement of 2 columns. They must have the number of rows as words have. You can do this with the Insert table function and choose the exact number of rows and columns or touch the boxes to insert the table quickly.

4. When you have the table in your Word document, place the words in the order in the first column. You can also place them in alphabetical order, order from largest to smallest. This will help you when creating the list and will also help the person to solve the puzzle.

5. In the second column of the table you have created, you will use it so that the person can mark the words they have found when you print your large print christmas word search a document. This way, you will know which words you are missing, which can be useful if you solve them on a computer.

You'll need to reduce the width of this table to make it a neater size.

Creating the word search table

To continue with the steps of your own large print Christmas word search, you will need to create your word search table.

1. Having the complete list of the words you will have to put in your word search will allow you to continue with the process. The first thing to do is find the longest Word and count the number of letters it has. Have that number handy.

2. On the Word toolbar, you will need to find the Insert option.

3. To continue searching for large print Christmas word search on mac, you must go to the tables option. Next, insert a new table and choose the number of columns per row, which will be the size of the Word search. You can create a square or rectangular word search puzzle.

4. The number of columns or rows should be the same number of letters as the longest Word on your list. You will also be able to make your table bigger to easily accommodate all the words in the list.

5. Once you have the table for your large print Christmas word search puzzle, you can start adding the words. Placing the words in the word search and filling.

6. To continue with the large print Christmas word search 2013, you must modify the size of the boxes in the table. It should have squares and not rectangles to look neater and more professional.

7. It is time to look at each Word in the word search and place them in the order you want. You can position them so they can be read from left to right or vice versa. You can also place them diagonally to increase the difficulty of the puzzle.

8. When you have placed all the words in the word search, you must fill the other boxes with more letters. To make the process easier, you must select all the words you have placed and highlight them in bold. You should not check the rest of the boxes.

9. When the words to find are in bold, you can start placing the other letters. You can place more consonants than vowels, and you will have to add several letters.

10. When you have the large print Christmas word search 2016 ready, you must remove the bold from the words to find. To do this, you must select the entire table and uncheck the Bold option. To finish, save your word search. You can save it from solving digitally or from printing later.


Have you learned how to create a large print Christmas word search? As you can see, the procedure is simple, and you can have your personalized word search with the Christmas words that you like the most.

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