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Make one page landscape word on mac

July 21, 2022

Sometimes it is necessary to change all page orientations and sometime to change individually. The best example of it can be writing documents in portrait mode but making some pages in landscape orientation is also necessary to insert charts and tables that have many columns in a singel row. If you want to find out how to make one page landscape word, you have come to the right placeIn this tutorial, you will get to know how to make one page landscape word whether in a one page document, or single page in multi-page document. These methods also work on both operating system like Mac or Windows.

Make one page landscape in a single page document

This method works when you have document with only one page.

1.Open your existing one-page document.

2.Now click on Page Layout tab on the ribbon

3.You will see a Orientation option

4.Click on the Orientation option. A drop-down menu appears.

5.The default orientation is set to portrait. Choose Landscape as your orientation.

6.The page is now oriented now to landscape

Make one page landscape in a multiple page document

This option is very handy if you have word document with multiple pages and you wish to make specific individual pages in landscape orientation. Here is how to do itOpen existing document having mutiple pages.

1. For this example, a three paged document is opened.

2.Now for this example, if you wish to change the 2nd page that is in the middle, you need to first add a page section in the 1st and 2nd page. If you only add page section in the 1st page, the 2nd and 3rd page will also get landscape orientation.Now bring your mouse to the end of the 1st page and click there, you will see cursor blinking.

3.Now go to the Insert tab

4.Click the down arrow at the Break option. A drop-down menu will appear

5.Click the Next Page Section Break. The section break is added

6.Now go to the 2nd page and click at the last text in it. You will see the cursor blinking

7.Now again go to Insert tab

8.Click the downward arrow at Break option and a drop-down menu will appear.

9.Click Next Page Section Break. The section break is also added at the 2nd page

10.To verify if the section breaks are added or not, go to Home tab

11.Click to Show/Hide Editing Marks, a drop down menu will appear.

12.Now hit the Show/Hide Paragraph Marks

13.You will see section breaks added in 1st and 2nd page

14.Now click at the start of the 2nd page whether it is heading or text, you will see a cursor blinking there

15.Now go to Page Layout tab

16.Now click on Orientation option, a drop down meny appears. By default, the Portrait mode is enabled.

17.Now click on the Landscape option.

18.You will see that only 2nd page is changed or landscape mode

Changing the page orientation to landscape mode is very useful if you have any table inserted in the page with lots of columns which are unable to fit in the portrait orientation. This is the way on how to make one page landscape word. You can change orientation either on a single page orientation or specific pages within multiple page document. But if you want to get more information Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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