Methods to insert a check mark in excel

July 25, 2022

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If you are starting to know the program, you must know all the available commands. Working with formats, surveys, and spreadsheets is very common in these spreadsheets, so you must know how to insert a check mark in excel and which ones are available.

There are 3 types of brands of this type, so each has a different code to be created, which you can find here to try the most convenient option. Keep reading so you know how to insert a check mark in excel and how this can help you in all your jobs or tasks.

How to insert a check mark in excel online with Wingdings 2 font?

Once you are inside Excel, you can insert the Symbol by pressing SHIFT+P with the Wingdings font as follows:

1. Sign in to your Google account to access spreadsheets.

2. Choose the cell where you want to place the Symbol and press SHIFT+P. It has to be uppercase P.

3. In the Source, you must select Wingdings 2.

4. For a fancy check, change the color to green, the font size to 12, and bold.

5. In-Home, go to Alignment, using the Align buttons to center all the marks.

How to insert a check mark in excel mac in a custom way?

If you have the Microsoft Office package, you must enter Excel to know how to insert a check mark in excel and apply the following steps:

1. Place the cursor in the cell in which you will use the Symbol.

2. Click insert, and you will find a dialog called Symbol.

3. You will find a code box in which you can put several options, and each Symbol has a different format.

4. Click Insert and then Close.

5. Customize the Symbol in place and size with the Excel tools by right-clicking on the Symbol.

How to insert a check mark in excel with online autocorrect

To know how to insert a check mark in excel is beneficial for you if the document you are formatting is shared in the Drive with other users, applying these steps:

1. Enter the Symbol you prefer in the chosen cell.

2. Once the Symbol is selected, combine the formula Ctrl+C to copy.

3. Go to File, then Options, Review, and AutoCorrect Options. A dialog window will appear where you must put a word or phrase in Replace that you can directly associate with the verification.

4. Combine in the box Ctrl+V to paste the Symbol. Click Add and then OK to close the window.

With any of these options, you will understand how to insert a check mark in excel without having to complicate yourself too much in doing so. You can apply this technique in academic, labor, legal, business, or other formats in which the documents must have this characteristic already established electronically to improve their formality.

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