Methods to insert check box in excel

July 25, 2022

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Excel has been established for years to calculate and analyze data, which is why many people do not see beyond these functions, which means that the tool is not fully used through excel insert check box.

Considering this method will be possible to use the tool to create lists and even interactive graphics. Fortunately, the excel insert check box is simple if you follow the steps below.

How to excel insert check box quickly?

To achieve excel insert check box online, you must follow this procedure exactly:

1. Go to the Developer tab on the ribbon.

2. Click inside the Insert dropdown menu.

3. Within Form controls, you must select the icon corresponding to the check box (This is the square with a blue mark).

4. Determine where you want the excel to insert check box. It will appear with a default name that says Check Box 1 on the right side. You can delete or edit this title by right-clicking and selecting Edit Text from the context menu. Highlight and make the necessary modifications.

How to insert multiple checkboxes in the same Excel document?

To achieve excel insert check box; in this way, you only need to follow some simple methods like:

1. Choose the check box and then press the combination of Ctrl+D, which is to duplicate, then paste. This will place a new box near the old one.

2. Choose the check box and press Ctrl+C to copy. Then go to the cell where you want the new box and hit Ctrl+V.

3. If you want to copy the checkbox to adjacent cells, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to choose the cell with the checkbox. Drag the entire padding handle at the bottom right and select the space you want.

How to link an excel insert check box cell?

If you don't know how to do this procedure, you will only have the cells decorated with the check box, but you won't get all the functional benefits. To excel insert check box mac and link it successfully. You must first:

1. Select your particular checkbox, press Ctrl, and click inside the checkbox.

2. Find the formula bar and place the = sign. Click inside the cell where you want your result to appear, TRUE or FALSE. Then click on Enter. Repeat the process as needed. Please note that any binding for checkboxes must be set manually.

3. In this way, the method will be ready, and the cells already linked will have the inscription TRUE or FALSE, depending on whether the box is checked.

The excel insert check box is an easy way to maximize your capabilities within the Excel tool by allowing you to create tasks and other useful projects. There are many ways to take advantage of this medium, leading you to be more efficient in your work.

The thing is that excel insert check box is not the only thing this software provides. Download WPS Office, and it is possible to the entire package for free to create files in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel quickly and easily.