Multi-platform Productivity Tools Just Got Better

February 14, 2022
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Competitions to dominate the market of multi-platform productivity tools like spreadsheets, word processors, and presentation suites have become fierce in the modern world. With the growth in technology, the cross-platform compatibility of operating systems (OS) has increased, which has given room for developers to make multi-platform compatible productivity tools.


While the OS developers have their productivity suites dominating the market, third-party applications with visually appealing user-interface, intuitive tools, and better compatibility with device hardware allow for increased efficiency and better utilization of device resources. This is the reason why most of these applications continue to coexist and grow progressively, along with mainstream productivity tools.


An added benefit of this growth is that user dependence on a specific software package is slowly fading away. Instead of learning a specific software tool, the emphasis is now laid on learning the overall environment. For example, all modern word processors look and feel the same with minor changes in layout, functionality, and feature set.


If you are accustomed to a particular word processor’s user interface, you no longer need to switch to another one for the sake of generating compatible files. Most word processors can conveniently generate cross-platform documents that can be opened, edited, and printed by any other word processor.


However, one may feel the need to get a comprehensive productivity suite that is not only multi-platform, in that it runs on multiple OS but is also user-friendly.


One such product with a large number of dedicated active users is the WPS Office. The WPS Office cross-platform compatibility allows their integration with a wide choice of OS.


WPS Office comes bundled with standard word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet tools, but what sets it apart is its added powerful features. These include compatibility of opening and editing documents created on other platforms coupled with bonus features like PDF editing, cloud computing, and OCR capabilities which are far superior to other competitor products.


The user-interface of WPS Office packages are custom designed and in-line with other similar productivity packages available in the market so people can easily upgrade to WPS Office with the added advantage of using new bonus features.


To test the capabilities of WPS Office capabilities, we used the drawing tools in the Presentation module to develop a process schematic of a 50-kilo Newtons load cell being used to measure the force applied on a tensile testing specimen. To draw the load cell icon showing the bridge configuration of inside strain gauges, we made use of standard shapes and line tools.


The best feature that WPS Office drawing tools offer is the editing capability of the vector points in a shape, which eases the process of drawing the zigzag lines representing the resistance in the load cell.


To better understand the ‘Edit Points’ feature, we made use of the WPS Office structured online help page which contains FAQs addressing a multitude of user queries. Also, in case you are still old school and love to keep manuals handy, the help page allows for downloading the help topics in the form of a PDF manual through a dedicated download button. This way, you can either keep the manual in print or as a convenient desktop document that you can access at will.


Another exciting feature that we like in WPS Office is the downloadable templates specifically tailored to your work environment. These turnkey downloadable templates are super intuitive, preformatted, and feature-rich, allowing you to quickly transform your documents information in a prescribed format, saving you valuable time and energy for that extra cup of coffee with a friend. The templates are updated continuously, so you will always find a fresh look for your next document.


To summarize, WPS Office is a complete productivity tool that significantly enhances your experience of designing your documents. With its multi-platform compatibility, powerful features, and ease of use, one can be sure of never switching back to another productivity tool ever again.


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