Must-have shortcut tricks in making slides

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Must-have shortcut tricks in making slides

Must-have shortcut tricks in making slides

During study and work, WPS Presentation is often needed to make a PPT. What makes a high-quality PPT during a short time? In today's tutorials, we will learn a few quick tips commonly used in creating slideshows and thus improving efficiency.

· Create a new slide

Select any slide, use the shortcut key Enter, or press Ctrl+Entertogether to quickly insert a blank slide.

· Delete the current slide

Select the current slide and use the shortcut keyDelete or press Ctrl+Deleteto remove it quickly.


· Quickly zoom in and out the slide page.

Select any object, hold down theCtrl key, and use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

If no object is selected, the page will zoom with the center of the page as the reference.

· Move the text box or shape horizontally or vertically

When moving the elements of the slide, if you want them to move horizontally or vertically, you can select the text box or shape, hold down the Shift key and drag the elements with the mouse.

· Zoom in/out text or shape centrally

Select the text box or shape, hold down theCtrl+Shiftkey, then pull the corner of the text box or shape to zoom in or out centrally.


· Quickly copy and paste text or shape

Press Ctrl+C, then select and drag the text box or shape, then you can copy-&paste them.

Similarly, press Ctrl+shift+C together, then you can drag to copy and paste text or shape horizontally or vertically.

· Group multiple objects

When we want to copy or move multiple objects together, we can set them as a group to make them a whole.Hold down the Ctrl key to select the objects in turn, use the shortcut key Ctrl+G to combine multiple objects, and then they can be operated as a group.  Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G to ungroup.

· Quickly undo the action

Use the shortcutCtrl+Z to undo the previous action and use the shortcut Ctrl+Y to cancel the undo action.

What a practical trick, did you get it?

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