Online Excel Travel Planning Templates

September 27, 2022

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Planning a trip is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. If you have to travel for work or school, you need to make sure that you are prepared. Use the following excel travel planning template to help you get organized and make your travel plans easier. This excel travel planning template will help you to organize your travel itinerary, budget, and schedule.

1.Simple and Tourism Schedule Excel Template

Make your tour schedule with this colorful planner template. It allows you to detail the plan of your trip on a daily basis. You can even describe hourly planning here. It will help you in managing the overall time, budget and other resources throughout your journey.

2.Useful Travel Schedule Excel Template

Use this blue-colored professional travel planner template in excel for your business trip meetings or training etc. this is available for free download. Business trips can cost a lot if everything goes unmanaged, this template will help you in maintaining everything to the right place, budget, and time.

3.Travel Account Book Excel Template

Use this simple bright-colored travel account book for preparing your travel plan for business, family trips, or any other. Free download this well-organized travel planner template in excel.

4.Fresh Travel Book Keeping Form Excel Template

Keep track of your monthly or yearly business trips by using this fully organized travel planner template in excel. Graphical illustration attracts more. Download this tabular formed template for free.

5.Travel Carry-on List Excel Template

Make travel carry on the list so you never miss anything. For a business trip, you might be guided for bringing any kind of documents. This simple travel planner template in excel helps you to do so.

6.Travel Itinerary Schedule Excel Template

A travel itinerary document allows you to plan your trip properly. Free download this well-organized travel planner template in excel if you want a perfect and hassle-less trip.

7.Business Trip Reimbursement Form Excel Template

Searching for a well-explained expense tracker template? Grab this manageable travel planner template in excel with a field of the total at the bottom where your expense total can be calculated automatically. Available for free download.

8.Travel Expenses Report Excel Template

If you are looking for a travel expense report to present your all expense to the finance department. Don’t miss this professional travel planner template in excel.

9.Travel Expense Report Excel Template

You can customize this amazing travel planner template in excel as a monthly travel planner. Free download this minimalistic template. It helps you present your expenses to the finance department in a sophisticated way.

10.Business Trip Application Excel Template

Wants to go on a business trip? Don’t miss this simply amazing travel planner template excel free download. It looks like a permission letter.


This Excel travel planning template will help you plan your next trip. It is a great tool for organizing your travel itinerary and helps you to organize your travel budget. It can be used for the entire trip or just a few days. WPS office offers these templates for free.WPS Office is available for download from the Google Play Store and is compatible with Android phones and tablets. This template helps you manage all the things like travel, accommodation etc.
The template is broken down into four sections: