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Online Free Excel Templates for Small Business

September 27, 2022

When you're a small business owner, you need to make sure that you keep your business organized. One way to make sure that you're staying on top of your business and not losing track of important things is to use free Excel templates for small business. For example, if you have a calendar, you can use an Excel template to create a monthly calendar. You can also create a template for your expense report and use it on a regular basis. Free Excel templates for small business are easy to make and they can help keep your small business organized.

1.Fresh Green Business Budget

If you run a business, you likely understand what it means to have a tight timetable. It is not a game to attend several meetings in one day. Only seasoned individuals with a well-organized daily schedule can manage this level of pressure. You can handle that pressure, thanks to your business meeting template.

2.Simple Business Analysis Chart

Perhaps not the most interesting means of communication, reports. But they are significant.

You can use our aesthetic work report templates to take notes as you make decisions about your business's budget, marketing tactics, product development, and growth strategies.

3.Quotation of Business Trading

Start your paper off right with this stunning general reporting template, which comes with the formatting done for you. You may track business milestones, monthly reporting, end-of-shift reporting, and more with this general report template. Users of WPS can easily use this general report template.

4.Simple Business Quotation

Utilize this easily available business travel itinerary template to ensure that you are well-prepared for your upcoming trip. In order to keep all necessary information close at hand, this business travel itinerary template includes a meeting schedule.

5.Business Accounting Report

A memo, often called a memorandum or reminder, is used for internal communications within a company outlining processes.Our memo template may be used to create a note that alerts personnel to impending events or announces internal changes.

6.Business Expenditure Statement

With these free, simple-to-edit templates, you can quickly create engaging corporate presentations. Use any of the designs without restriction for your individual presentation needs; they all have a polished appearance and exude confidence. The greatest templates for project presentations, business meetings, and sales pitches are those mentioned above.

7.Business Chart Management

You're in the ideal place if you want to write a polished business resume. You need a business resume that puts all other business resumes in the negative, whether you're looking for that once-in-a-lifetime business job or trying to persuade a potential VC that you're worth investing in.

8.Simple Business Bookkeeping Form

By identifying the topic addressed, it gives the reading audience a rapid sense of what your business is about and introduces the company.

9.Business Wage Note

Create your own personalised business cards using one of our card designs to make a fantastic first impression. Without paying a graphic designer, it's simple to create business cards of high quality using our designs.

10.Simple business General Charts

A business report template is an effective tool that aids in producing a document that is both appealing and helpful. This business report template is flexible and can be used to create both sophisticated and straightforward reports. An effective business report presents crucial data about your company in an easy-to-read style.


There are a variety of templates available for different types of small businesses. These free excel templates for small business help to make Excel easier to use and understand for all those new to the program. WPS office is the best suite which provides a lot of simple templates for free. WPS Office is a free office suite that allows you to create, edit, and share documents in the cloud. It is designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and mobile devices. The best part about this app is that it can be downloaded for free from the Play Store or their official website.

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