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November 2, 2022

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You'll be relieved to learn that the free edition of the PDF Reader offers all the capabilities you require if you're seeking a free reader download for the Windows 10 free edition. The reader is user-friendly and has many capabilities, including the capacity to zoom in and alter the font size. Additionally, PDFs can have highlights and annotations, and the reader enables password security.

Microsoft Windows 10 is compatible with the free portable document format (PDF) viewer and PDF creator and PDF Reader. Documents in PDF format can be opened, edited, converted, and printed using the WPS Office PDF Reader software. For converting PDFs to pictures, address books, and other formats, it offers a comprehensive set of tools. It is small, effective, extremely configurable, and customizable. The PDF notes that are attached to PDF files can be viewed in WPS PDF Reader Free. The application enables PDF document saving.

What is the PDF Reader and Why is it Useful?

Although there are other PDF readers for Windows 10, WPS PDF Reader is the most widely used. Free WPS PDF Reader can be used in WPS Office. It is a potent PDF tool with the ability to produce, view, and edit PDF files.

Due to its many capabilities, WPS PDF Reader is a good PDF reader. It can be used to view, generate, and modify PDF files as well as print them. WPS PDF Reader is a good PDF reader because it includes a ton of features. You can use the search feature to locate particular things in a PDF file. Another function of WPS PDF Reader allows you to convert an existing PDF file of a document into a new PDF file. It also features a capability that allows you to convert non-PDF documents into PDF files.

How to Install and Use the PDF Reader on Windows 10

WPS PDF Reader is a far better option than most other free PDF readers available for Windows 10. It is a feature-rich PDF reader that is lightweight, quick, and secure.

The Free and Enterprise editions of Windows 10 include WPS PDF Reader for no additional cost. It can also be used alone as a program. From the Microsoft Store, you may download it.

For Windows 10 users who want a compact PDF Reader that is quick, safe, and simple to use, WPS PDF Reader is an excellent option. It includes all the capabilities you require to deal with PDFs, such as font scaling, annotation tools, and password security.

PDF Reader Features and How to Use Them

Since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has made it simple to read PDF files. You can view your papers however you like by simply opening the PDF reader app without the need to install any other software. You can get the free PDF reader from the Windows Store if you use Windows 10 Home, Professional, or Enterprise. Install the program by performing a simple search for PDF Reader. You can use the built-in PDF reader in Windows 10 or download the PDF reader for Windows 10 RT from the Windows Store.

Reading PDFs is an excellent method to avoid file clutter and save time. On Windows 10, you may quickly and conveniently carry any document with you by using the WPS PDF reader.


WPS PDF Reader is made to provide you access to a variety of PDF files and is the only authentic and trustworthy PDF reader that is included with Windows 10. It also supports third-party apps and solutions. Additionally, you may transmit, open, or convert PDF files with the software, as well as annotate them. You can freely add all PDF capabilities to the WPS PDF viewer software to accomplish all of this. The most recent Adobe PDF format is entirely compatible with the application. Additionally, WPS PDF Reader is among the best PDF readers available because of its simple user interface, quick and easy operation, and easy operation. Get the WPS Office right away!

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