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August 9, 2022

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Learn more about the PowerPoint org chart template. If you have problems organizing data at work or in your studies, you need an organization chart. But for you to have this type of document, it is only fair that you learn how to download it and use it correctly.

Next, you will get into the context of what a PowerPoint org chart template is and why you should use it. Also, you will learn how to use the organization chart template, and you will know where you can download these types of files. Finally, you will get to know the list of the 5 best PowerPoint organization chart templates for you to download for free.

You must take all this knowledge and try to take advantage of it to organize your things at work. It is good that you take your time analyzing this information so you do not have any doubts about it. Likewise, you are free to research more about organization chart templates for PowerPoint to get the most out of it.

What is the organization chart template for free Powerpoint?

An organization chart template in PowerPoint is nothing more than the representation of graphics about the composition of a company or firm. These templates show the company's ranks, hierarchies, positions, and other essential data. This way, the company will quickly access that data organized in the multiple cells and rows available in the file.

One free org chart template PowerPoint will also serve to organize the work of the active manager. They are entirely digital files that you can edit as many times as you want until you complete a project. As they are templates available in PowerPoint, you will not have any impediment in executing it with the Microsoft program or with WPS Office.

Why Use the Free PowerPoint Organizational Chart Template?

You may still be wondering why an organization chart is so necessary because, with it, you will be able to meet various objectives in your company. They are files that will help you reach a specific audience through data analysis. You will have a more precise projection of your ideas as you become more familiar with the organization chart template.

On the other hand, you will be motivated to use the organization chart template because it has many attractive colors. These patterns will help you quickly organize your data as your work as a manager progresses. Not only will you be guided by a model organization chart template, but several versions are available online free of charge.

How to use the free?

To use the free PowerPoint org chart template, you don't have to be an expert in the official program. You will only have to find a website with these files for immediate download. You'll need to run the .potx file on your computer and start editing at your convenience.

The organization chart PowerPoint template is easy to use, so you won't need an instructional guide to understand it. On the contrary, you only must run the document and thus quickly understand it with practice. It is good to know that each template available for download will have a different design, although they are similar in several features. These templates are very useful for organizations to create a process.  

Where can you download the free?

Now that you know the importance of one, it is only fair that you learn how to download it. The first thing you should do is locate a website like WPS Template that has a list of organization chart templates. After you find this dedicated website, you will have to navigate through its options and proceed with downloading the correct file.

Organizational chart templates for PowerPoint often vary in design and unique configurations, so you should be aware of it. They are very light files that will not need more than 100 KB to save on your computer. You can run the template in a .potx format dedicated to PowerPoint.

Since you can download free PowerPoint organization chart templates, you have no excuse to go ahead with it. You only must worry about downloading the most functional template of all and trying to adapt it to the documents you need to organize.

Top 5 free PowerPoint organization chart templates

It is time for you to proceed to download one PowerPoint org chart template from among the 5 favorites, such:

1. Creative Blue Sit Chart

You can start by selecting PowerPoint org chart template and choosing the one with a very creative blue tone. This way, you can organize your work team or pending tasks with great style. This template has enough space for you to put in all the data you see necessary.

In the instructions for use, you are told that you must download the template, and after that, you must run it on your computer. Then you will have to select the graph, and after doing so, you must right-click and press edit data. You must have the latest version of PowerPoint installed on your computer or, failing that, have WPS Office for the program to run correctly.

Now you must open the form that corresponds to you to make the adjustments in the organization chart as required by the work. Finally, you must save the changes inside the file and check that each data supplied is correct. It's good to know that the graph in the PPT will automatically adjust to the value corresponding to it.

2. Simple Basic Timeline

Among the PowerPoint organization chart templates to choose from is the one that offers you a timeline so that you can adjust your data in it. You will come across a handy file to organize the data in your business, enterprise, or the company you work for. The great thing about this template is that it divides the tasks into various colors accompanied by their respective logo so you can quickly identify them.

In the first part of the file, you will see a timeline made up of 5 types of colors and 5 distribution boxes. Each frame will intersect the timeframe for you to adjust it according to the goals you are accomplishing. Next to each box, you can place the details of that objective achieved or that you seek to perform in a short time.

In the second part of the file, you will see a circular timeline dividing the tasks into circles. You will have 7 circles distributed throughout the line where you will place the objectives to be met or how you will divide the tasks.

You can also use the simple timeline to divide things into 5 or more sections. This timeline will serve to measure the gains you have had in the last few months or days. You can indicate each achievement with the corresponding logo, and you can also add the desired color.

3. Creative Blue Timeline Chart

You may be attracted to a PowerPoint org chart template with a simple chart to put your data in as quickly as possible. You could focus on this type of template, knowing that you will get from point A to point B without much problem.

This template lets you put the data in the small orange sections and indicate some details. You will have approximately 20 points per row where you can place all the essential data. Do not forget that the template is 100% editable so that you can configure the number of points per row or column to your liking.

In the central part of the template, you can put the title of the project you want to complete and other details. You must take full advantage of the template and see how it will help you quickly organize everything in your business. If you don't like how the template contains your things, don't forget that you can still view other options.

4. Business Blue ladder Chart

If you want a great experience using a PowerPoint org chart template, you should look for the most exceptions. The organization chart template with achievement analysis will help you fulfill that purpose in your work, entrepreneurship, or studies. You will use a very dynamic template with a little character you can edit to your liking.

The template stands out for having points that join each other according to the achievements you complete throughout the year. You can also use the template to place the monthly and even weekly achievements if you see it necessary. These connecting points can change color, like the lines that meet the intercept.

At the bottom of the template, you will see several numbers that will serve to identify if it has been the 2nd or 3rd achievement completed. You can also expand this number template to as many as you need and not just 6 as it appears by default.

5. Product Category Dynamic Data Chart

It is good that you use the PowerPoint org chart template to categorize the products. In a nutshell, this template will help you divide your tasks into multiple sections as needed. A clearer view is that you divide your team into small groups and assign each one a job with the help of the template.

What might attract you to this file is its beautiful and outstanding colors. You can use bars, arrows, and most symbols in the template to have a spectacular organization. You only have to worry about placing the data correctly and dividing the tasks as you see fit.

You will have the power to split over 1800+ products using this type of template, so it's great. You will have a compelling file that will help you quickly organize your tasks at work.

Advantages of Using PowerPoint Organizational Chart Templates

Now that you have visualized the list of PowerPoint org chart template, you may be interested to know what the benefits you get with this file are. Among the main benefits that you will gain with an organization chart template are:

  • It is used to order endless tasks you have scheduled at work, school, or business. You no longer have to make those detailed lists to know what goals you must meet first. The org chart template will help you fit that data into a simple timeline or chart.

  • With an organizational chart template, you will build a solid project that will serve your personal or company growth. You will only have to set goals and an estimated meeting time.

  • You can use the organizational chart template to spot your exemplary and competent employees. In this way, you will know which employee makes progress in your company and which one should be fired.

  • If you are a company manager, you could use the organizational chart template in PowerPoint to distribute tasks. You only have to place each employee and assign the tasks according to their skills.

You will enjoy a myriad of benefits by using it today. You have to motivate yourself to download the template that you consider correct according to the purpose you seek to give it.


One PowerPoint org chart template is essential for a job or a business. This is because you must set what goals to meet while exercising an administrative function or trying to undertake it. The templates will have everything you need for you to put the data in, organize it, and deliver it as predicted.

You can resort to simple organization chart templates with various colors and a spectacular design. Also, you can use timeline org chart templates if you want to organize things professionally. You have free will in choosing these templates. Don't forget to take advantage of them when you have them on your computer.

To enjoy this free org chart template PowerPoint list and more options, do not forget to download WPS Office. On the website, you will find other organization chart files that will be very useful. It is good that you take some time visualizing the different options and thus choose the most convenient.

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