PowerPoint Presentation Example Templates Online

September 15, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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This article shares 10 high-quality PowerPoint example templates online. From short one-minute talks to long 45-minute ones, this article showcases different presentations designed for all types of groups, intending to provide a great way to present content. Once you see these presentations, you'll know what it takes to create a professional, engaging, and defensible presentation for yourself and your audience.

With PowerPoint example templates you can create presentations in different styles as long as your content is clear. You can use this technique to show an image or diagram, or you could use it to describe an idea or process.

1.Medical Beauty and Health Presentation Case Example Template

These templates for presenting for health care marketing or for industry-specific presentations will help you craft a winning presentation. Take your presentation to the next level with a professionally designed template.

2.Light Yellow Sports Presentation Example Template

A great sample presentation for your sports. It will help you present your sport in a clean and elegant way. The template is a simple PowerPoint. It offers a great presentation template for your presentation. Remember to use this template to help you create a presentation and start using it!

3.Fresh Education and Flowers Presentation Example Template

If you feel a presentation would benefit from incorporating visuals, use the following animations and reports to inspire your next presentation. The beauty of these visuals is that the data is dynamic and will update those who wish to refresh the presentation. These are the perfect examples if you want to show the audience what you are presenting visually.

4.Simple Dental Health Presentation Example Template

New techniques make it easier than ever to present successful and presentable work to potential clients. Although it might seem like a major undertaking to create your own presentation, once the basics have been established, it is easy to continually produce on these guidelines to stay on the cutting edge of presentation design.

5.Creative Sports Presentation Example Template

This is a creative sports presentation template for a presentation about sports marketing. The benefits of sports marketing are that it should help to improve your team’s performance on the field and in the stands.

6.Colorful University Thesis Defense Presentation

Well, it's all come down to this moment where you must present your master's thesis defense presentation. You've worked hard and want to impress your professors and colleagues.This template will help you to create a creative defense presentation.

7.Presentation for Clothing Example Template

The simple presentation for the clothing template creates a very professional and eye-catching presentation. In addition, the template makes a very modern and clean appearance for your clothing presentation.

8.Creative-Blue-Timeline Example Template

You want to choose a template that fits your presentation's brand, design, and overall tone. Think of the slides as the foundation of your presentation, and spend most of your time tweaking text, adding and removing slides to get the desired look and layout. Instead, save your time by using this pre-designed template.

9.A business Timeline Presentation Example Template

The timeline template is designed to support infographic-style storytelling with the timeline used as a modular graphic. The timeline should help you create an engaging story that is current and relevant to your audience.

10.Project Task List Outline Presentation Example Template

Project management is about aligning the team with the right tasks and deadlines. The slide above provides a table chart for task classification. Each activity will be assigned a role or group, and you'll get a comprehensive overview of how it interacts with the others.


If there is anything in your presentation that you want to make more of a point, you can make it more presentable by adjusting the background, fonts, and colors of your PowerPoint. Normally PowerPoint starts out just fine. However, no one is perfect, and it does not come with a template for finding the perfect settings, so you might want to play around with all of your various settings so you can find the ones that make your slides the most presentable and appealing.

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