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December 8, 2022

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Steps for Free PowerPoint to PDF Converter Online in WPS Office
Where Can I Find Online Converters for PowerPoint Presentations to PDF Files?

There are many reasons why you might want to convert a PDF file into a PPT format. Perhaps you need a PowerPoint to PDF converter online for a presentation or an assignment. Perhaps your boss asked you to come up with an outline of what was happening at your company. Or maybe you just got a job offer and need to quickly create some slides before moving on with the conversation.

In any case, converting PDFs into PPT files is fast and easy with the WPS PowerPoint to free PDF Converter tool. You can easily use this software tool by launching it through your browser. It formats complicated PDF files in no time, and you can save the results as a PPT file easily with the built-in converter.

The WPS PDF to PPT Converter supports a wide range of different file types, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, and all other text documents which you may be working with. With the tool, you have quick control over presentation settings, including presentation speed, slide size, headings, and more. The tool allows you to select single, multiple, or all files.

Steps for Free PowerPoint to PDF Converter Online in WPS Office

1. Start WPS Office and open your PPT.

2. Select the Tools tab and then select Export to PDF.

Choose the PPT file you want to convert.Enter the pages you want to convert in the Export range.Select the Save Path location where you want to save the exported PDF file.Select between Common PDF and Image PDF as your export type (For Premium users only).If necessary, choose Backup to Cloud.Select PDF export.

Where Can I Find Online Converters for PowerPoint Presentations to PDF Files?

Drag your PowerPoint presentation into the editing area or click Select File to upload it.After a little delay, click Download to download the converted file.

You can upload PowerPoint (PPTX, PPT) presentations with annotations and, in a matter of seconds, get a converted PDF version with annotations using WPS PDF Converter.

The WPS PowerPoint to PDF Converter Online is an easy-to-use application for converting your presentations in MS PowerPoint to PDF files for free. With the power of this tool, you can convert PPT to PDF files in a few clicks without costly fees. If you are looking for the perfect way to convert PDF files to PPT presentations, then this application is the perfect pick.


You can now use the WPS PowerPoint to free PDF Converter online to convert your PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation. This will allow you to share your presentation with other people as well as edit it right on their computers. This makes the conversion process very simple and easy to manage in one place. Get safe PowerPoint presentations on all sorts of devices. that makes a single WPS to PDF Converter can also be used to accomplish multiple tasks. Download the WPS office and deliver your PPT presentations to your clients. give us a review of how well the functionality works for you.