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September 9, 2022

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Do you need to present your project at a conference or win business from a potential client? This set of project presentation templates can help the design process go smoothly.

These presentation templates utilize the free design of the WPS free Office application, an online presentation creation tool too.

Students often present projects to their peers, and so should you. Whether you are a teacher or a student, one way you can use a project presentation template is to map out the task list after the project is completed. Let's explore a few templates:

1.Project Task List Presentation Template

This is a list of tasks that should be completed before a project is ready to be presented to your boss or client. Use this to create the speech text for your presentation.

2.Colorful Project Plan Presentation Template

The project team needs to prepare a presentation to express why your project is important and how it is related to the larger project. This task list presentation template is an easy way for your team.

3.Blue Class Project Report Presentation Template

This presentation template allows you to show the tasks that must be completed to reach the goal of the work or project. You can use the completed project plan to map out the process of working on a project.

4.Project Management Process Presentation Template

Have you had a project or task that you would like to present at the next meeting or group event? This presentation template will help you organize and manage your thoughts while creating an interesting presentation that will impress your audience.

5.Project Management Schedule Presentation Template

Plan your project and make sure you stick to it, don't get ahead of yourself. Create a crystal-clear picture of what the final project should look like at the conclusion of your project. Remember that the presentation is not for you but for your audience and what you want them to see.

6.Minimalist Project Plan Presentation Template

If you find your notes streaming into disarray and you get overwhelmed when trying to organize them, these presentation templates for project management might help you to organize your thoughts and give you a sense of structure in your thoughts and notes.

7.Concise Project Report Presentation Template

Many of you have decided to take on a project, whether it is your own or as a school assignment. Whatever your project is, you will have to provide a short, succinct presentation to help the class see the project and help them understand the process behind it.

8.Agile Project Management Presentation Template

Your project presentation template should consist of a list of tasks, a timeline, and a description of the project's status. It's not always simple and easy to come up with the perfect presentation ideas for your presentation, which is why you should use presentation templates.

9.Bright Project Plan Presentation Template

Some project management presentations are formal and need to adhere to a specific format. Others are like brainstorming sessions and will take an unconventional route. Using this collection of templates, you can determine the ideal format for your project plan presentation.

10.Simple Blue Project Plan Presentation Template

A project management schedule presentation is an ideal template. If you are making a presentation and need to add a schedule, then it is a perfect choice. Download this template and make your presentation awesome.


If you're feeling nervous about giving a presentation to your project team, well, you're not alone. Too many people worry about being polished, rehearsing, and putting in enough time preparing for a presentation. A project presentation template will probably help more than the presentation itself. Instead, a lot of people worry about facing their audience, which they will be talking to, and even the anxiety of potentially getting the team angry or upset.

Minimize what you need to say, or create a more personal and descriptive presentation. Download the WPS Office, and whatever you need to do to prepare for your project management presentation, take ideas and free downloadable templates.