Quick Tip: How to Add a Line in Excel Cell

July 22, 2022

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Excel is a complete and excellent tool that offers many unique functions. You can insert data, make graphs, and add lines, simple diagrams, flowcharts, and more. If you want to learn how to add a line in excel, you should know that the process is straightforward and fast.

You will have the opportunity to add a line to an Excel chart to highlight a particular trend or data point. Below you will learn 2 ways how to add a line in excel.

How to add a line in excel using Illustration?

With Excel Lines, you can show connections between 2 or more data points. You can insert a line using theShap option; you can drag and add it anywhere on your worksheet. If you want to learn how to add a line in Excel Mac, you can follow these steps:

1. You first need to open the Excel workbook and activate the worksheet you want to insert or draw the line into. Then you will need to click on th Inse tab.

2. Next, click oIllustration.

3. Click on th Shap icon.

4. In this step of how to add a line in excel, you will be able to choose between any of the 12 available line options.

Go to the spreadsheet, click the left mouse/trackpad key, and drag the cursor to add a line of that length.

These steps above will instantly insert the line you selected in step 4.

The 12 existing lines in Excel are:

Straight line

• Line arrow (with an arrow at one end of the line)

• Double Arrow Line (arrow at both ends of the line)

• Connector: Curved

• Connector: Elbow Arrow (arrow at one end)

• Connector: Elbow (use this option to connect boxes, it is not a straight line)

• Connector: Double arrow elbow (arrow at both ends)

• Connector: Double curved arrow

• Connector: curved arrow


• Free form: form

• Free form: doodle

How to customize a line or arrow in Excel?

If you have already learned how to add a line in excel, you should now know that you can customize the shapes of the lines you add. If you want to learn how to add a line in Excel 2019 and customize them, you can follow these steps:

1. When you click on any of the line shapes in your spreadsheet, you will notice a new contextual tab calledShape Form appears.

2. In that new tab, you can get some additional options to format Excel lines. In the Shape Style group, you'll find preset and built-in theme styles that you can use. If you want to see all the available options, you will need to click on th Mo icon.

3. In this step of how to add a line in excel 2016, you can select any of the existing styles. And it can be applied to all selected lines in your spreadsheet.

4. Also, you can change the outline of the line just by clicking on the option Shape outline.

5. UndeShape Outline, you can change the following:

• Line weight (thickness)

• Line color

• Line style (dot, solid, dash, etc.)

• Arrows

Apart from this, you will also be able to add some effects to the line, such as shine, reflection, or shadow. You can do this using theShape Effe option.

6. If you want to use Shape Effect in your how to add a line in Excel online process, select one or more lines you want to add effects to, and then use the options under Shape Effe.

Were you able to learn how to add a line in excel? You can insert or draw lines in your spreadsheets to enhance your work experience. Following these options will be a simple and quick process for anyone.

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