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Quick Tip: How to Add Secondary Axis in Excel

August 1, 2022

Excel is one of the best and safest tools to carry out any statistical work. Thousands of users use this program since it is one of the best and offers various functions and features for a more professional job. You can learn more about how to add secondary axis in Excel by downloading the guide.

Experts have collected truthful information on how to add secondary axis in Excel through easy-to-apply tricks. If you want to learn more, stay on this post, you will see how easy and fast it is to add a secondary axis to your work. Here you have the steps by steps; learn how to do it and make your work much easier and more enjoyable.

How to add secondary axis in Excel Mac?

Many people use Mac computers; not all have identical versions of Excel. That is why this guide on how to add secondary axis in Excel will show you how to do it from a Mac computer.

1. Select the chart to enter the Chart Tools.

2. Go to Layout – Change chart type.

3. Click on the Combined – Column grouped – line on secondary axis tab.

4. Click Secondary Axis for the data series you want to display.

5. Enter the dropdown line and choose the line.

6. Click OK.

How to remove a secondary axis from an excel document?

Adding or removing a secondary axis from your documents is easy if you follow the instructions. The guide on how to add secondary axis in excel has a wide variety of information so that from now on, you can learn how to use this function.

1. Click on the chart to display the secondary axis you want to remove.

2. Go to the Design tab, go to the axes group and click on Axes - Secondary vertical axis or Secondary horizontal axis, and finally click on None.

3. Click off on the secondary axis setting you want to hide.

How to add a horizontal axis in excel?

If, in your case, you want to add a horizontal axis, here are the instructions in the guide on how to add secondary axis in excel. You will notice that they are similar and easy to do.

1. Click on the graph where it shows the secondary vertical axis.

2. Enter the Chart tools – add chart element.

3. You will see in the Design tab the group of axes; enter Axes. You will see the option Secondary Horizontal Axis click on the visualization.

With this information on how to add secondary axis in excel 2019, you will be able to place and delete axes. Nowadays, many users seek information about these characteristics to obtain a more professional job. With the guide on how to add secondary axis in excel online, you will get more knowledge.

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