Quick Tip: How to wrap text in Excel

August 1, 2022

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If the text in the chosen cell is too large or if it surpasses the cell's border, wrap text in Excel may be used to wrap or enclose the cell's content. The Home menu ribbon's Alignment section has a Wrap Text option. When we choose a cell and choose to Wrap Text, it preserves all the text or string inside the bounds of the cell rather than adding extra lines to it as we could by simultaneously hitting the ALT and ENTER keys. Wrap Text, however, immediately places the entire text into a box.

Wrap text from home tab:

When you type a long paragraph in Excel, it doesn't finish; instead, it expands and fills the adjacent cells.

Click the Home tab after selecting the cell with the text that needs to be wrapped. Choose the Wrap Text option from the ribbon's Alignment group. You discover that the row height has been altered to fit all of the content after applying the Wrap Text option to the text.

Wrap text by column width changes:

By positioning the cursor at the cell's edge and dragging it until it fits the full text, you may change the column's width instead of the row's height.

The symbol appears when you move the cursor over the cell. When you drag it to the end of the text, you will see that cell A has taken up extra room to fit the text.

Set column width automatically to fit text:

Although there is an easy option to auto-adjust the width, you may click and drag to change the row width. You can alter the cell width to suit the text if the row height is not flexible enough to do so. You may accomplish it by doing the following:

Choose the text that you want to automatically modify.Choosing the Home tab.Choose the rows and columns tab.

The row height and column width may also be customised using the Format option. To lengthen and expand the cell width to accommodate the text, use the AutoFit Column Width option.

Disable formatting to wrap text:

Applying formatting is just as simple to do as removing it. Any of the following techniques should be used after selecting the text from which you want to remove the formatting.

On the Home tab, click the Wrap Text option once again.

Uncheck the Wrap text box under the Alignment tab of the Format Cells menu.

On the keyboard, press Alt, H, and W.

Fix the broken lines to wrap text:

You may take away the line breaks you've used to make your text wrap by doing so. Use the Find and Replace dialogue box to carry it out. To launch the Find and Replace dialogue box on the spreadsheet, hit CTRL+H.

To add a line break character in the Find what textbox, use CTRL+J. After that, click Replace All after leaving the Replace with: textbox empty. By doing this, the line break character you added to the text is removed.

Use the format cells dialog box to wrap text:

You may alter how the table or spreadsheet appears and feels using the Format Cells dialogue box. When you right-click on a cell after selecting it, you are presented with a menu of alternatives. Select Format Cells to apply the formatting choices, including wrap text options, to the cell in your spreadsheet.

Select the Format Cells dialogue box's Alignment tab. Click OK after selecting the Wrap text checkbox in the text control section.

Additionally, you may access this menu by choosing the cell and then performing a right-click. You locate the list from which you may select the option for formatting cells. Alternatively, you may use the keyboard shortcuts to immediately launch the Format Cells dialogue box. When you press CTRL+1, a dialogue window appears.

There are other formatting choices that you may select and use in the Format Cells dialogue box. You may change the text's border, font, and other elements.

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