Quick Tip: How to wrap text in Excel

August 1, 2022

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Wrap Text in the Format Cells Dialog Box

There are many different ways and functions that may be used with Excel. It enables employees to work efficiently while also assisting with healthy work habits and time management. Excel consistently updates its features and offers the best ways for users to effortlessly benefit from them. Another feature of Excel is the ability to wrap text across a variety of media. Because occasionally enormous, bulky content hides between the cells and makes it difficult to examine properly, it enables proper view within a cell. This means that, in the event that the text is too long to even consider fitting inside its cell, it will naturally conform to show up on different lines inside the cell.

First, we'll wrap the text using the wrap text function, but there are a few things to take first.

1) Create data first, hiding a big text beneath cells so it cannot be seen.

As you can see this is the data of two sentences which mix up in each other and one sentence is behind the other one and not able to view properly.

2) Next, click the WRAP text button that appears in the HOME choices as shown. This will wrap the selected text so that it can be seen properly.

So, by following all these steps you can easily find how to wrap text shortcuts in easily.

Wrap Text Keyboard Shortcut.

Although there isn't a specific terminal shortcut for organising wrap text, you may still use the Alt hotkeys to accomplish this.

Undoubtedly a simple and quick technique to apply the formatting.

The text will immediately be wrapped after pressing the ALT+H+W shortcut in the example above, so by doing this we once more receive our wrap text shortcuts.

Wrap Text in the Format Cells Dialog Box

This is another shortcut that makes it simple to learn how to wrap text shortcuts. The steps for this procedure, which is also how this function is carried out in Excel, are as follows.

1) Create the data in a spreadsheet as shown above in step one.

2) After that, a menu item appears in the Excel format's upper bar; click it to bring up a dialogue box, and then select Cells.

3) A dialogue box with several options will appear when you click on a cell. Click on the top option, ALIGNMENT, and then, under the Text Control section, find the option for Wrap Text. Mark it, and then click OK to give your text a wrap. This is another text-wrapping shortcut.

You can also find this feature in the latest excel versions 2016/2018/2019 spreadsheet, where you can easily find the right way to find how to wrap text shortcuts in excel.

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