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August 10, 2022

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Are you a skilled cook who creates your recipes and keeps them a secret? And do you think it's time to put ideas in writing so that you can discuss them with the people you care about or perhaps make good cash out of them?

Using the Recipe Template for Word Free Download, you can easily make recipe cards or booklets with little work. Utilizing a recipe card, often reserved for one's usage, is the least complicated approach to recording a recipe.

Most of the time, people write down recipes to pass them on to another person or keep track of them for themselves. A cookbook serves the same function, but it also has the potential to generate income for its author.

In this piece, we'll look at how you can avoid beginning from scratch by using a pre-built template, both a free one and one that costs money to use.

You can get a head start on your project by using the cookbook and recipe card templates available for Word.

Imagine that you want to compile a collection of recipes into a cookbook. In this situation, we suggest making use of the WPS Recipe Templates.

Professionals created these impressively contemporary, inventive, and creatively designed templates. Just what you've been looking for to complete your next cookbook!

What is a Recipe Template?

You've heard the word recipe a lot of times. You'll probably find a lot of definitions of the word on the internet, but what exactly is a recipe template?

A standardized recipe Template provides a detailed description of the specified, exact, and quantifiable quantity of components and the preparation technique required to create a high-quality product regularly.

Detailed instructions, including the steps to be followed, the kind of equipment needed, the amount of each component, and its quality, are provided.

A Recipe template includes:

  • preparation instructions

  • ingredients

  • recipe

Use them to make notes on everything a chef could need to know about a particular meal, including the contents, the methods, and the plating notes. You can choose to print the cards for your personnel or make them viewable online. Both options are open to you (that is if you can handle employees having their phones out at work).

Recipe cards for restaurant training can feature a wide variety of useful hints for the back-of-the-house (BOH) workers, such as the following:

  • prep time

  • storage notes

  • pairings

  • planting information

  • ingredients with allergens highlighted

  • recipe background information

How to Make a Recipe Card Template?

Follow the step-by-step guidelines to make learn about how you can make sure own recipe card:

Step 1: Obtain the following pieces of information for each dish on the menu:

The Dish's Identity – The first step is always the most important. Therefore it makes sense to begin from the very beginning.

Chef's Name – If there are any questions, your employees will know who the most qualified person is to ask.

Preparation Time – If the back of the house understands how long it will take to prepare a dish, they can figure out how to best fit that preparation into their schedule.

Menu Information – When the food's description, together with information about which menu it appears on (lunch or supper) and which category it belongs in (starter, main, or side), is added to the menu, it helps the cooks understand precisely what the customers are anticipating when they order this meal.

Serving Size Details – Include the total yield of the dish, the portion sizes, and the number of serves to reduce the amount of wasted food and ensure that portion sizes are constant.

Ingredients – Always state the amount and measurement of each item, and be careful to maintain consistency with the quantities you employ.

Procedure – The recipe must include step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the meal. Please go to Step 2 for more advice on simplifying this part so that it is easier to grasp.

Planting Notes – Recipe cards provide personnel with the assistance they need to fulfill a chef's vision, including the food's appearance when it is served.

Allergen Information – It is easy to forget about this section since it is not directly related to the preparation of the food; nonetheless, the back of the house must refer to allergy information to ensure that they always serve out a dish that is safe for guests who have allergies.

Storage Notes – This information guarantees that the food served to customers is of the highest possible standard.

Last Revised Date – Changes happen rapidly in eateries. Employees can determine if the information they are seeing is up to date by glancing at this date.

Picture – It is a good idea to provide a picture of the finished meal to check that the presentation of the food is as consistent as the flavor.

Step 2: Figure Out the Details of Your Recipe Card Procedures

If your culinary crew is inexperienced, this will be a factor in the decision-making process. Recipe cards written in chef language are better for expert chefs since they contain fewer steps and instructions and are easier to follow for an experienced cook. Your instructions must be more specific if your culinary crew is less experienced.

Here's an example of how it can seem:

Experiences – 1 hour at 200° in a bain-marie for pudding. Make a basil chiffonade.

Inexperienced – Set up ramekins of cream in a pan of boiling water about a half-inch deep. For one hour, cook a cake at 200°F. Slice basil into ribbons by stacking the leaves and rolling them together lengthwise.

Step 3 (FINALLY): Ask Your Staff to Check Out the Recipe Card

While testing the cards, it is important to identify a tester who does not have prior experience with the specific recipe being tested. When someone walks in without any previous information, it indicates that they place their whole trust in the card.

If the meal does not turn out as expected, you will know something is probably missing, or the instructions were not expressed correctly.

An essential stage in the process is testing the recipe cards. We know that you need them very quickly; nonetheless, testing each individually takes some time.

Take solace in the idea that the cards that have been tested will, when you pass them over, provide the expected results. Only recipe cards that include the correct information are considered to be excellent.

Why Should I use Recipe Templates in Google Docs?

That's an intriguing question. The contents of our cookbooks are completely free of charge. The right recipe template is much simpler to find, whether for personal or corporate usage. With Google Docs, it's also feasible to modify and change the templates.

You don't need anyone's help since it doesn't take long or demand much work. Listed below are some key features that we provide.

  • Contents that are one-of-a-kind yet fillable. To ensure that each empty form for a recipe has a distinctive look and particular look, the designers start from scratch.

  • For the creation of new recipe templates, we don't utilize any samples or references. So, you'll be the only one with access to this template. That's great!

  • Free of charge. As a result, you should not be concerned about any unstated costs. For both personal and commercial usage, the templates for writing are completely free of charge;

  • Printable and editable versions of all choices are available. Editing and personalizing the templates and covers are encouraged. You can use Google Documents to alter anything that doesn't meet your expectations. On the other hand, the majority of people do it themselves.

  • Numerous options for templates. At this point, we have 16 recipe templates on our website. Of course, additional freebies will be added to that section. Let us know if you'd like to see a specific design, and we'll keep it in mind.

  • There is no obscurity or opacity to anything. We do not charge any more fees or impose any other terms. In the meanwhile, if you need assistance or have any concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Benefits of Using Recipe Card Templates for Word

While compiling a list of recipes is usually something that can be understood without much explanation, the most important advantage of downloading the Recipe Card Template for Word is that it ensures consistency.

  • Simply providing a buddy with your Recipe Card Templates to use as a reference saves them the trouble of searching through their jumbled collection of cookbooks and recipe clippings.

  • The Recipe Card Template is Free – The Recipe Card Template is offered at no cost to any user, in contrast to the majority of cookbooks that can be found in shops and which will cost you a considerable amount of money. Search the internet or dig out some old recipes from the family cookbook and enter them into the template.

  • Your recipes will be more easily shared among friends, family, and loved ones – The Recipe Card Template is capable of being duplicated numerous times to account for all your favorite traditional dishes – The Recipe Card Design has a pre-made template as well as a color scheme, providing you with some degree of consistency while you are organizing several different recipes.

  • The template provides a perfect vehicle for D.I.Y. chefs – If you want to create a DIY cookbook that is neat and consistent, you can want to think about utilizing the Recipe Card Template for Microsoft Word.

[Recommendation] Top 5 Recipe Card Templates You Can Use— Try WPS Templates!

Now that you know everything about Recipe Templates, it's time to look for some excellent WPS Templates that will get you going. And guess what? WPS is right here to fulfill your needs!

WPS Office is well suited for usage in educational institutions where people use various electronic devices. People can use WPS Office to generate content and quickly publish it to the cloud. Students can use WPS Office on their own portable devices to produce Microsoft Office files, which they can then share with other students or their instructor using a different device. These files can then be presented in class.

If you're looking for some of the best Recipe Card Template for Word, here are some of the excellent designs for you; bear in mind that these are printable free full-page recipe templates for word:

Template 1: BBQ Party Poster

You can select from hundreds of designs and utilize simple tools to make the ideal flyer in a matter of minutes, whether you're throwing a business picnic, a BBQ party, or you want to advertise BBQ specials at your restaurant.

Template 2: Healthy Recipe Plan

You and your loved ones will be able to savor your favorite delicacies with the help of this template. You can use this unique WPS template to help your loved ones change their eating habits, and it helps you define portions for children, toddlers, and the elderly. Take advantage of this unique meal planning template to keep your family happy.

Template 3: Tropical Seamless Pattern Lunch Menu

Well, this one is quite a trend these days. You will love this one if you're residing by the beach side! The Tropical Seamless Pattern Lunch Menu Template has a blue color and enlists Starters and Entrees on your menu.

Template 4: Orange Juice Food Recipe

This should be a must-have for you. As you can see on the template, the orangey template looks juicy on the eye, to begin with. This template will help you write down all the ingredients you need to make the perfect glass of orange juice!

Template 5: Weight Loss Recipe

Even a casual weight-loss meal plan can save you time at the grocery store if you follow it religiously. Additionally, it ensures you're eating nutritious meals to help you achieve your objectives. Here, with this Weight Loss Recipe Template, you can plan your recipes daily by entering the ingredients you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Using a Recipe Template for Word Free Download might be helpful if you prefer to write your own meals but don't want to modify the documents every time. Any images or photo placeholders can also be stored in the template.

Using a recipe template repetitively does not risk uninstalling the template since a template always opens as a fresh, unsaved document when it is used. Therefore, go with the templates we have offered to you in this article by the WPS Office. Download and install WPS to increase your productivity with a hassle-free document editing, file sharing, templates and more!  

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