Remove parentheses and the content inside quickly

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Remove parentheses and the content inside quickly

Remove parentheses and the content inside quickly

When processing a table, we may find that some information contains parentheses, but it'd be troublesome to delete them one by one.

Today, we're going to learn theskill to delete these parentheses and the content inside quickly.

Take this table as an example. There are parentheses following the actors' names, and we want to delete these parentheses and the nationality inside.

1. Select the cell range which contains the parentheses and pressCtrl+H to pop up the Replace dialog.

2. In the Find what text box, input (*).

Here we need a brief explanation. The symbol * is a wildcard, which serves as a special statement for fuzzy search. It can represent multiple characters when we search for words.

Inputting (*) means we need to find all the characters that are marked with parentheses.

3. we don't need to input anything in the Replace with area. Then click Replace All to delete all the parentheses and the content inside.

Its principle is to use the Find and Replace function in WPS Spreadsheet to replace the specified content with a blank, which is equivalent to deleting the content.  

Similarly, you can also use this method to implement other replacements.

For example, to delete all the double quotes and the content inside in this table, we can input * in the Find what text box.And we leave the Replace with area blank and click Replace All.

What a practical feature! Did you get it?

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