Set Sheet at Page Setup in excel

February 25, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Are you still not a confident WPS Spreadsheet user and see page setup as a tricky matter? Don't worry. To help out, we've prepared this tutorial just for you.

Page Setup consists of four parts, namely, Page, Margins, Head/Footerand Sheet. In todays tutorial, we will learn the last but not least part, the Sheet tab option.

· Example of setting Sheet in WPS Spreadsheet

Go to the Page Layout tab, and click Settings > Page setup.

Head to the Sheet tab, where you can see four different parts, namely, Print area, Print titles, Print and Page order. We will illustrate them one by one.

Printarea settings:

Click the Print area, and then we can print a specific part of the sheet, and select the area that needs to be printed.

We can also preview by clicking Printing Preview.

Printtitle settings:

If there is mass data to print, we need to print it on several pages. Except for the first page, the rest of the pages are printed without header rows or header columns by default.

Select the data area, and go to the Rows to repeat at top box to enter the header row that needs to be printed.

Finally, click the Print Preview button below to preview the print effect.

3header all.gif 

Custom print settings:

At Print, you can check some customized options according to your needs, such as GridlinesBlack and White, Row and column headings. You can also decide whether comments or errors should be printed.

Page order settings:

At Page Order, you can adjust the printing order. We can choose Down, then over:

Or Over, then down:

After setting up the worksheet, we can also click the Print Preview button to preview the printing effect in advance.

· To learn more about page setup in WPS Office:

Click here to see the instructions at Sheet ofPage Setup.

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