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September 9, 2022

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People who have to make presentations for submission regularly will benefit from Prezi presentations' simplicity. Presentation templates are available in a variety of formats. These formats include numerous fonts and fun and captivating symbols. In addition, the presentation includes themes such as nature, science, robotics, and many more.  

Templates like these can be used for business, restaurant, medical, sports, and other presentations. These simple Prezi presentation examples are trendy amongst people from all fields and professions and almost always get a significant appreciation from the viewers.

See the simple Prezi presentation example below and learn how to use these templates. This is the demonstration Prezi you will use to create a Prezi of your own.

1.Online Mall Product Promotion Presentation Template

This is an online mall product promotion presentation template. Salespersons use it to promote their products with a high-impact presentation. This template is to keep viewers' attention by filling in the presentation with high-impact content.

2.Work Outline Presentation Template

The work outline presentation template is to present in your work summary presentation. This template may also be used to deliver features, services, and methods for products. You can use it for your work-out-the-point presentation.

3. Business Line Design Report Presentation Template

This is a business line design report presentation template for any business. It's self-guided and downloadable. This presentation template is simple and easy to learn all the click-to-navigate cues page-by-page. Download, save and use.

4.Simple Project Outline Timeline Presentation Template

This simple project outline template allows you to create an effective timeline presentation. You can use the spaces provided and the animations available to give a cutting edge to your timeline presentations. It is a sample template you can customize per your individual needs.

5.Simple Grey line Business Report Presentation Template

A simple grey line business report presentation template is standard in many organizations, providing a clean and seamless appearance. The template includes a grey, the option for a colored background, making it a perfect choice for businesses or organizations with a specific color theme.

6.Brief Black Line Teaching Report Presentation Template

This template is for teaching presentations in the black color theme. It includes shapes, frames, boxes, and text for writing vastly. In addition, this template contains a thin black frame on the upper part.

7.Fresh Colorful Line Technology Report Presentation Template

This template is fresh and colorful for technology report presentations. A template is very creative and attractive. Each presentation is bright and so easy for you. Different colors and themes make your presentations more colorful and more appealing to you.

8.Gold Line Work Summary Presentation Template

A gold line works summary template for business presentations is a creative way to highlight critical aspects of your report quickly. Templates like these can help reduce your time to completion.  

9.Blue & Green Simple Straight Line Report Presentation Template

This template is with a blue and green theme color. Your audience can always find different templates based on their business needs, their project, or their personal preference. The Instant presentations allow anyone to have relevant, eye-catching content available at the click of a button.

10.Black Friday Product Promotion Presentation Template

This template is for a product promotion presentation for business. It provides you with a guideline for organizing and structuring your talk. You can use these slides to design and plan your presentation or to work with your team.


Above mentioned templates of simple Prezi presentation examples are simple and creative. You can download from WPS websites that are customized, simple, attractive, attractive, and attractive. Of course, it would be best to make your presentation look more beautiful. You can also customize these Prezi presentation examples with different page layouts and themes, color themes, graphics, and many more to make your presentation more attractive and attractive.

All the presentation template examples are free and can be downloaded from the websites.