Smart Toolbox - Format

August 30, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

Speaking of format conversion, today I want to recommend you a super useful tool, the Format feature in Smart Toolbox.

It contains 10 format conversion methods, including case conversion, character scripts, number to text, and text to number. These are difficult problems we often have when dealing with data. In this topic, I will introduce several useful features. Operation path: Smart Toolbox>Format

Change Initial Case Quickly

We used to use functions to change the initial case. However, not every user is skilled in using functions, and most users still manually modify the initial case one by one. Is there a way to quickly change the case?

Select the cell area and click Case. You can choose different ways to change the case in the right-side menu. Choose one as required.

Character Scripts

Sometimes we need to enter mathematical equations and chemical formulas in a cell. How can we quickly set the superscripts and subscripts?

Enter the formula in the cell as usual, click the Character Scripts, and set it in the pop-up dialog box based on the character type. For example, if we set the number superscript, keep others normal, and then click OK, the system will intelligently identify the cell contents and turn the numbers into superscripts.

Formula to text & Text to Formula

When using functions for calculation, in some special cases, we may need to view the detailed parameters of a function formula. In this case, we can use Formula to Text to quickly convert the formula into text for viewing. Of course, if you want to switch back, click Text to Formula.

Convert Text to Number

I believe that many users have encountered this situation: the numerical format is set to text format, which leads to inaccurate calculation results and statistics errors. Since the text format is relatively special, we cannot use conventional methods to convert text to number. Perhaps you can find a large number of tricks on the Internet to solve this problem, but in WPS Spreadsheet, you do not have to go through so many steps. Just select the cell area and click Convert Text to Number. Simple and easy.

This tool also supports the Convert Number to Text feature. You can convert numbers into text using the same steps as above.