Smart Toolbox - Smart Deletion

August 29, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

Which way do you usually use to clear the content of a table?

Novice: Press the Delete key to clear all the content

Relatively skilled: Click the Clear tool in the Home tab to clear the content, including All, Comments, Formats and Specials.

Master: Find the Delete in the Smart Toolbox. It provides 9 different features to meet your deletion needs in different scenarios.

Delete Blank Worksheet

When there are many blank worksheets in the workbook and you want to keep only the worksheets with content, click Delete Blank Worksheet, and the blank worksheets will be cleared immediately.

Delete Blank Rows

Sometimes we may leave some blank rows when inputting data in a table. To make the table more readable, you need to delete the blank rows that are not needed. Select the table area and click Delete Blank Rows, and the blank rows will be cleared.

Delete Space

Inevitably, spaces will be entered when inputting data, and blank characters or spaces in the cells may affect the accuracy of the statistics. How can we accurately delete the spaces?

Select the table area and click Delete Space. In the right-side menu, you can choose to delete from start, delete from end, or delete all spaces. Choose one as required and the spaces will be cleared quickly.

Delete Text

This feature can help you delete the text in cells. Take the following table as an example: Each person's name contains a character in front of it. How can we quickly delete the characters? Click Delete Text and select Delete Text from Beginning. In the pop-up dialog box, select the number of characters, and click OK to clear the characters quickly.

Delete Comment

This feature allows you to quickly delete the comments. Select the area and click Delete Comment.

Delete Hyperlink

After a hyperlink is inserted in the cell, you will be redirected to the corresponding web page when you click the cell, which may sometimes bring unnecessary trouble. To quickly delete the hyperlink, just select the area and click Delete Hyperlink.

Delete Object

Do you know how to delete objects in a table? Objects in WPS Spreadsheet include images, checkboxes, buttons, shapes, and text boxes. With the traditional method, you can select the object using the GO TO feature and press Delete to clear the object. This method is good, but it has a drawback as it cannot sort the objects. If you only need to delete the shapes in a worksheet but keep the images, you have to delete them manually.

Now, you only need to select Delete Object in the Smart Toolbox to sort the objects and delete them as required.

Delete Zero Value

To delete zero values inside a table, you only need to select the area and click Delete Zero Value. This feature has an advantage as it can intelligently identify the real zero values. If the value of the cell contains zero, such as 102 or 100, such values will not be cleared.

Clear Non-Numeric

As indicated by the name, this feature allows you to clear all the content except the numbers.