Smart Toolbox - Text

August 30, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

WPS Form Smart Toolbox contains more than 60 tools to improve efficiency, of which the Text tool is the one to be introduced today. If you often need to extract, intercept, or delete the text content of the form data, you should not miss it!

How to remove the unwanted content of the cell?

Scenario: There are some unwanted symbols and spaces in the following table. How to remove them quickly?
Operation method: Select the data area and click Smart Toolbox > Text > Remove Content. After the dialog box pops up, the system provides 3 extraction methods, which are Filter Out, Filter Out Formula and Filter Out Numerical Value.

In this case, we should check the Space and Symbol in Filter Out. You can choose either to replace them directly on the original location, or store them in a new location. In this way, the extra symbols and spaces can be removed.

In addition, the system provides the option to keep the content, you can choose according to the actual situation and the way to operate as above.

How to truncate the contents of the cell?

In the past, if we wanted to truncate character contents in the cell, we needed to use the RIGHT, LEFT, and MID three functions. Only after entering the corresponding function formula can we truncate them successfully. Yet many beginners have not been familiar with functions, so is there an easier way to reach the goal?

Scenario: We want to extract the area code of the phone numbers in the table below.
Operation method: Select all phone numbers, click “Smart Toolbox” > “Text” > “Truncate Text from Beginning, and enter the number of characters to be truncated (note: symbol is regarded as a character too.) Click OK and the truncation is done.

Apart from this, the system also supports truncating text from the middle and end, which can be selected according to the actual situation.