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October 27, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

In our working life, we often need to use office software to help us complete the editing of documents for PC. The PDF is a software that we often use, it accounts for small, easy to transfer, do not worry about the different versions, but the only thing that we regret is that many PDF readers on the market is not online editing operations. then if you need to edit the PDF on the computer, we should choose which editing software to achieve this function? There can edit the  PDF reader software?

The answer is yes, today to recommend this office software, it is the WPS Office office suite, which can edit the PDF file, but also as a reader, now we go on to introduce some of its features it!

WPS this comes with a PDF editor, the operation is very fast editing. Very recommended for the need to edit partners to download this online editor, which has a special editorial function to help you solve the need to edit a variety of problems!

WPS Office PDF Editor typical features are as follows:

1, the format of the conversion: In the editor, we can see here clearly marked with a variety of format conversion, whether you need to be WORD / EXCEL / PPT and other formats of mutual conversion, can be achieved directly in this editor in one click.

2, cut, copy, paste: for the text in the PDF document, we can directly edit the interface to achieve the text of the addition, deletion and change. You can also typeset the text, such as volume lines, automatic indentation, line numbering, note typesetting and so on.

3, the insertion and deletion of pages: click on the page button, you can achieve the page of the PDF document to add and delete such operations.

4, the addition of watermarks: If you encounter a document needs to be protected by copyright, we need to add the watermark. In the watermark tab below we can freely add a watermark, you can also choose the location of the watermark. This will be a good way to protect the document from being stolen.

5, document protection: If you need to encrypt the document, you can also support the document open to set the password function, easy to achieve the protection of the document.

6, the key text highlighting process: when you encounter key text or paragraphs need to highlight the process, directly using the highlight button, you can also mark the key text, choose a different color mark makes the focus at a glance.

In addition to these six common editing features, WPS Office has many tools to achieve more editing.

The above is the PDF reader software can be edited - WPS Office PDF editor is a brief introduction. after reading, do you think this editor is still quite full-featured, the main thing is that the operation is not complicated, the white can also start to operate. so that you no longer have to edit  PDF format and trouble. At the same time, WPS Office is supported by Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other platforms, xp, windows 7, windows 10 and other MAC systems are supported, both on the PC or cell phone, can provide users with a variety of document services. And it is an office software that supports online editing. Now you can download it from the official website to experience the membership function for free and get the membership access. Download it and try it out.

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