Summary of PDF Tutorials for Beginners

May 10, 2022

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Welcome to the WPS PDF Tutorials for beginners. On this page, we summarized the introduction of the 10 most popular functions. We hope you can quickly get familiar with WPS PDF.

lPDF printing: Master PDF printing skills within 3 minutes.

lInsert signature: For paperless offices, electronic signatures have become commonplace on many important files. Do you know how to sign PDF files with your own signature?

lEncrypt PDF files: Add another lock to crucial files. The password in PDF can restrict not just file opening, but also printing, altering, and copying rights.

lAdd watermark to PDF: Adding a personalized watermark to the file content help to identify the source, preventing others from misusing it.

lHighlight the PDF text: Highlight the keywords and sentences with color, similar to the way students take notes with highlighters.

lInsert comments: When reading contents in PDF format, we sometimes need to add corresponding comments. Do you know how to add and manage comments in PDF documents?

lPDF reading mode: Long hours at work lead to eye strain. The reading mode can help you concentrate on the concise contents and thus relieve your eyes.

lCompress PDF files: PDF files can sometimes include many high-quality images, resulting in a bigger file size. It's time to lose weight.

lExtract PDF pages: When there are many pages in a PDF file, how can we extract the desired pages separately? The steps are easy and we list them below.

lMerging and splitting files: One of the most commonly used functions in PDF. We often need to split or merge files at work. Do you know how to set it?

Thank you for reading.

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