Summary of WPS Presentation Tutorials for Beginners

May 11, 2022

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Welcome to the WPS Presentation Tutorials for beginners. We summarized the introduction of the 10 most popular functions on this page. We hope you can quickly get familiar with WPS Presentation.

lSpeaker Note: The following video will tell you how to add notes that only the speaker can view.

lHeader and Footer:  A professional business presentation requires formal and consistent headers and footers. The following video shows how to set them up.

lReplace fonts and content: One-click approachs replace fonts and contents in a presentation in batches.

lInsert pictures: We can insert pictures in WPS Presentation to beautify the slides and illustrate the contents.

lFill shapes: You can achieve fantastic design effects by creating and filling shapes, thus beautifying your presentations.

lAdjust slide size: In order to adapt to different scenarios, we need to adjust the size of the slides.

lSet the text box: Text is always an important part of a presentation. Do you really know the text boxes?

lInsert audio: Insert background music to your slides! Proper atmosphere will make audiences immersed in your presentation.

lWPSArt: Are you still drawing flowcharts with shapes? Try WPSArt to generate a delicate chart!

lCustom animation: add animation to vitalize your presentation!

Thank you for reading!

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