Summary of WPS Spreadsheets for Beginners

May 11, 2022

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Welcome to the WPS Spreadsheet Tutorials for beginners. On this page, we summarized the introduction of the 14 most popular functions. We hope you can quickly get familiar with WPS Spreadsheet.

lFormat Painter: Free your hands and reunite the table contents, such as fonts, size, filling color and even data formats. You don't need to set them one by one.

lFind and Replace: This powerful search engine will help you locate and replace the designed contents.

lMust-have statistic functions: If you are a novice to functions, the following functions would be the perfect starting point. They can solve most of the counting problems.

lHandy AutoFill: AutoFill can recognize the pattern of data and help you to fill other cells. This is an essential skill to process data, including numerical values, dates, customized texts and formulas.

lAdd hyperlinks: Hyperlinks can help you jump to other places, such as the specified worksheet or external websites, making your sheet more professional and beautiful.

lMerge cells: Merge cells to make your table easier to read. Different merging methods are made for different working needs.

lThe SUM function: As one of the most popular functions, SUM allows you to sum up based on single or several criteria.

lConditional formatting: You can format the cell in advance and automatically apply it to the cells that meet the conditions. For example, we can highlight the Top3 data in red.

lData Validation: The collected data can be unregulated or invalid. Data Validation can make them do as they are told.

lCustomize the order: You can customize the arranging methods apart from letters and values. Such as game ranking and employee level. Click the link below to get it.

lProtect worksheets: Frustration may come to you when the key information is falsified or accidentally deleted. Protect the worksheet and you can farewell to the heartbreak.

lBasis of PivotTable: A must-have skill to analyze data and improve efficiency by 80%.

lCustomize print range: Don't make the mistake of printing the entire data table. The video below tells how to accurately customize a table's printing range.

lColumn chart: A chart visualizes data and provides various advantages in data display. A column chart is one of the most common charts used at work to compare data discrepancies.

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