Summary of WPS Writer Tutorials for Beginners

May 10, 2022

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Welcome to the WPS Writer Tutorials for beginners. We summarized the introduction of the 11 most popular functions on this page. We hope you can quickly get familiar with WPS Writer.

Customize the fonts: Editing file is the most common feature in WPS Writer. The following video will tell you how to customize the fonts and set them as the default fonts.

Find, Replace and Go to: This function allows users to modify or delete contents in batches and jump to a designed page.

Format Painter: Free your hands and reunite the table contents, such as fonts, size, filling color and even data formats. You don't need to set them one by one.

One-click text alignment: Are you still pressing the space tab to align the text? Forget it. Let's try a more efficient trick!

Adjust line spacing: Line spacing of text holds the key to making a beautiful file. Did you know how to set the appropriate line spacing?

Count the words: Here, you can have a basic understanding of the file, such as counting pages, words and paragraphs. Click Review>Word Count to see the above information. Besides, you can click the bottom left navigation pane and click Words to open the same page.

Add numbers: We commonly set numbers for separate paragraphs while editing a long article to make the text clear and easy to read. Do you know how to set them?

Revision function: You can track all document changes and know how each revision is made for collaboration.

Spelling check: Why do we constantly get red and blue line segments at the bottom of the text? I'll teach you a trick to solve the problem once and for all.

Set the header and footer: Headers and footers should be distinct. Sometimes, different pages have different headers and footers. How can we do it? Let's explore it.

Wrap Text: After being inserted into a file, images may not always fit inside a file. They are always contrary to expectations. You need to make sure the Wrapping method is set correctly.

Thank you for watching!

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