Ten best Word calendar templates 2021 fully customizable

August 23, 2022

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Living a life in an organized way is quite tricky, but it can be easy if you plan your goals. Planning everything is the best tool to live a happy life. This can be related to your business purposes, holidays, or social or religious purpose. Calendar templates are the best tool for these purposes. You can make all your plans and fulfill them quickly.

These calendars can be for days, weeks, or years. And the Word calendar templates 2021 are available and easy to customize. The WPS office has all kinds of templates, and you can use them according to your basic needs.

Scroll down, and you will have a complete category of Word calendar templates 2021.

Weekly calendar template 2021

Weekly Word calendar templates for 2021 are the best option to spend your week mannerly. Weekly calendars are easy to use online. This will remind you what to do in a week.

Weekly calendars with the checklist for essential tasks

You can have a Word calendar template 2021 online and put all your crucial tasks on it. This template is easily downloadable. Otherwise, you can hang this on your wall for reminders.

Weekly assignment calendar templates

Suppose you are a student and busy with your studies all the time. In this situation, you can forget to complete your assignments. For this purpose, Word calendar templates 2021 will be helpful for you. You can easily schedule your weekly appointments.

Monthly calendar template 2021

A month is more significant than a week, and it is not easy to handle all your tasks for a month. For this purpose, you can quickly get Word calendar templates for 2021 for a month. It is best to use and is customizable too.

Monthly beautifully designed calendar template

The Word calendar templates 2021 for a month come with pretty lovely designs. You can get every design that makes your wall or desk prettier. Moreover, you can get this online too.

Monthly calendar with selective colors

The Word calendar template 2021 is available in all colors, but it has specific colors to highlight your essential tasks. Moreover, you can change the color according to your wish because it is easily editable.

Yearly calendar template 2021

Planning a year for your future goals is a more significant and challenging task. But you can overcome this situation with the help of Word calendar templates 2021 for years. You can put all your goals on the calendar and fulfill them according to their requirements.

Yearly calendar with achievement lists

The Word calendar templates for 2021 are available in a new design, making them unique. You can put all your achievements on the table and use them later.

Yearly calendar with important notes

This Word calendar template 2021 is the best to use to do all your essential tasks yearly. This calendar has big boxes, and you can put important notes on them.

Yearly calendar template with inspirational quotes

This Word calendar template 2021 has a professional look due to the inspirational quotes on one side.


You can get every type of Word calendar templates 2021 on the WPS office. All the templates are easily accessible. You can have them freely or by paying the fee for them.