The Beginner's Guide: How to Use Excel

August 1, 2022

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One of the knowledge that is most in demand today at the work level is that people know excel using in a basic way. The more people know about its operation, the better, but they do not always have access to this information on handling their tools because they consider it tedious.

Here you can learn the basics of excel using and its available tools, either in WPS Office or in other versions. As a learner, you must consider each step to make the best use of everything available in this program that is in great demand worldwide.

How to excel using inserting data into a spreadsheet?

When excel using 2016, you must open the program and apply the following steps. Each data must be correctly detailed so that the sheet is in order, the procedure being as follows:

You will see several tabs in the green ribbon at the program's top. Each can be used in different Excel tools, including Home, Insert, Page Layout, and Formulas.

When the data is added to the blank sheet, it is recommended that you use the top cell in each column as the column header. This will make it more useful when creating charts or tables that need labels.

Click on the cell you want to enter data.

Enter the text you want to place in the cell.

Press Enter to add the text to the cell and move your selection to the next available cell where you want to enter text.

To edit data later, click on the cell you want to edit. Then change what you need in the text box above the top row of cells.

If you want to change how the text in a cell is formatted, tap the Home tab and select the dropdown box at the top of the Number option. There, select the type of format you want for the spreadsheet.

How does excel using formulas work?

For excel using 2019, a little more attention must be paid than to the previous operation, especially since many formulas exist. The steps to do so are as follows:

Click on the cell where you want to create the formula.

Add, subtract, divide and multiply cell values with these formulas:Add: =SUM (cell+cell).Subtract: =SUM(cell-cell).Divide: =SUM (cell/cell).Multiply: =SUM (cell*cell).

If you want to add the numbers in the full column, type =SUM(cell: cell) in the cell you want to use to place the result.

To use an advanced formula, use the Insert function option, starting by clicking on the cell in which you want to see the formula.

Enter Formulas in the upper tab of the program.

Click Insert Function on the far left of Formulas, thus opening a window.

Click on the window of the function you want to use and then click OK.

When prompted, type the number you want to use the formula for.

Press Enter, applying the function in the chosen cell.

How to excel using creating graphs?

At the time excel using online, it is also possible that graphs are created, being as follows:

If you make a line or bar graph, use a climb of cells for the horizontal axis and a column for the vertical axis.

Click and drag the mouse from the upper left cell of the data to the lower right cell.

Hit Insert at the top of Excel.

Click on Recommended Graphics, and, in the Insert Graphics option, you will see a window with the different templates.

Tap the spreadsheet you want to use.

Click OK, and this will create the graph.

Edit the chart by double-clicking on the title at the top, then delete and change the current title to whatever you want.

Change the titles of the axes from the Chart Elements menu, accessed by pressing the + on the right side of the chart.Ç

Thus, finally, you will have been able to excel using its most basic tools, but you cannot excel using mac with these steps because they are different systems. Take care of each step to have a better result in the table or graph you are making.

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