The Best 2021 calendar template excel

September 21, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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The primary use of calendars is to keep track of events and times during the week. But what if that calendar has a section for a to-do list? This kind of 2021 calendar template excels aids in psychologically preparing you for the tension of the following day. To ensure that you do them on time, you can list your activities in a template. These designs stand out due to their originality among the many calendar themes, such as comics, basic, colourful, and straightforward.

Here are the top 2021 calendar templates in excel, which are all mentioned below:

1- 2021 Cartoon Tiger Calendar:

This template has a tiger character and is intended for children. In this way, you may teach your kids to upgrade your work as necessary and make a daily to-do list so that you can do each assignment promptly.

2- Yellow and Blue 2021 Basic Calendar:

The most fundamental uses for this kind of template may be found in places like workplaces or other similar settings. Although the blue and yellow colour schemes are ubiquitous, the to-do list gives the calendar a more unique and practical feel.

3- 2021 Color Cartoon Calendar:

This calendar template is the nicest of the bunch since it features a cartoony design with a colourful schedule flair. Given that it has a to-do list section, you may give this to anyone, including your child.

4- Monthly Calendar and To-Do List for 2021:

Since the colour green is distinctive and has a calming effect, it sets this calendar design apart from others. In addition to the calendar, we may arrange our tasks to prepare for that next day of laborious work.

5- Useful Calendar for 2021 with Schedule and Charts:

This calendar is a little different because it also has schedules and charts. So that you may use it in the businesses to evaluate staff, check revenue, and other things. Anytime is a perfect moment to alter the colour.

6- Simple Blue Monthly Calendar for 2021:

This is the plain blue monthly calendar, an essential and distinctive coloured template. Anyone can utilize it according to their level of satisfaction because it is exceptional. For instance, to be more creative in your job, you may modify your calendar, change the periods, and concentrate on your to-do list.

7- Professional Monthly Calendar:

This template differs somewhat from other calendars in that it serves as a monthly notepad for individuals who have daily tasks and duties or may use it to remind them of their obligations under the current monthly calendar.

8- Warm-colored calendar with a to-do list for 2021:

This calendar template has a pleasant appearance with configurable texts, styles, and colours. Everything is changeable at any moment.

9- Black and White Cartoon Calendar:

Respectable schools can utilize this simple black and white calendar template. It's has an eye-catching look.

10- 2022 Red and White Holiday Calendar:

This design has a Christmas-like feel to it. Like Santa Claus, it is comprised of red and white materials. These calendars have a modern, happy feeling.


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