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March 28, 2022

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Microsoft Office Excel has been the staple in the workplace for many years, but since its release, a number of rival office excel software constantly sprung up and captured much of the market. WPS Office Spreadsheet is one of the outstanding representatives.

  • Get to know about the best alternative to Microsoft Office ExcelWPS Office Spreadsheet.

WPS Office Spreadsheet shares nearly the same functions as Microsoft Office Excel. Apart from inputting and editing data, you can enjoy more advanced tools like Formulas, PivotTable, Charts and so on. With WPS Office Spreadsheet, you are sure to process data information and handle tables efficiently.

As the best alternative to Microsoft Office, WPS Office Spreadsheet also support different systems to satisfy most of users needs, like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. Besides, WPS Office Spreadsheet also provides different languages for settings, which is considerate for people from different countries.

  • Is WPS Office Spreadsheet a free alternative to Microsoft Office Excel?

The answer must be TES! WPS Office Spreadsheet provides not only a free trial, but the access to all its basic functions. Simply speaking, users can download WPS Office Spreadsheet and enjoy all the basic functions to cover most of their needs confronted with in daily work for free.

WPS Office Spreadsheet also provides premium services for particular functions. Whether subscribe for WPS Premium or not is up to users, and all the basic function will not be impacted.

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  • Does WPS Office Spreadsheet have special functions?

Of course it has, and we are ready to walk you through them quickly. Taking users into consideration, WPS Office Spreadsheet has been optimized for multiple functions and features, achieving a winning edge in the office market.

>> Click here to see: More features in Remove Duplicates. To remove the duplicate data when dealing with tabular data, we can use the Remove Duplicates function.

>> Click here to see: More features in AutoFilter. When dealing with large amounts of table data, we often need to temporarily hide some of them with AutoFilter to focus on that we need.

>> Click here to see: Unique Features in File Collect. In the workplace, collecting all kinds of documents is frequently needed. At this time, a file folder is always wanted to collect what we need by sending a sharing link to others

More special and useful features can be found in the best free alternative to Microsoft Excel: WPS Office Spreadsheet and we are waiting for you. Under the principle of Customer First, we are committed to offer the best to users and solve your problems. You support will be our biggest motivation.

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